Keyser Klear: Social Distancing Solutions

Keyser Klear Social Distancing Solutions :
Protective Shields, Dividers, and Distancing Messaging


During this trying time in today’s world with the battle against the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, normal day-to-day operations at Keyser Industries are not what they used to be. In order to maintain social distancing, office life turned into remote life…team meetings to Zoom conferences…and office chatter to Skype messaging. These are all examples of how not only us, but numerous companies have adjusted with the current times. While we continue to evolve and be agile, it is still business as usual here at Keyser. We do understand that social distancing solutions are essential for businesses.

Although some projects, in specific markets, are currently on hold we have pivoted our capabilities towards developing a new line of Keyser Klear custom dividers and personal protection shields for businesses and customers searching for effective solutions that protect them while open to the public.

Permanent and/or Temporary Protective Dividers

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Digital Displays for Social Distancing Messaging
Across Multiple Industries


Front Entrances, Checkouts, In Aisles, In Windows


Entrances, In Windows, Menu Boards


Elevator Lobby, Employee Cafeterias


Entrances, Elevatory Lobby, Floor Areas, Visitor Areas


Entrances and Exits, Cafeterias, Common Areas


Entrances, Elevator Lobby, Common Areas

Infection Control Face Shields

Keyer offers bulk orders of infection control face shields to help keep employees and patrons safe. 

  • Made from high-performance, clear PETG plastic (.020” or .030” thickness)
  • Bendable yet sturdy and virtually unbreakable!
  • Combining clarity with durability, this plastic sheet provides clear, unobstructed views.
  • Significant chemical resistance and durability
  • Considered a FOOD-SAFE plastic
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Social Distancing Solutions Case Study

The Keyser team had the privilege of supplying a local bakery, on the southwest side of Chicago, with Keyser Klear Protective Shields in their preventative efforts against the COVID-19 crisis. These new improvements allow their business and staff to remain safe while open for customers to facilitate practicing social distancing while being around food and their employees.

Keyser Klear Protective Shields provide an additional layer of protection from airborne droplets you may come into contact with from sneezing or coughing. Around half the weight of glass, our shields offer clear visibility and are easily cleaned with soap and water.

Keyser can provide your business with complete social distancing solutions.

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Our shields come in a variety of sizes and can be customized to your business, retail or medical space.
Keyser will continue offering support and assistance to businesses affected during this slow down. For any questions or inquiries related to Keyser’s Social Distancing Solutions, Protective Shields and Installation, please contact


Stay Safe!

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