Permit Acquisition

Our internal team can handle all of the permit procurement needs required for your project. With experience obtaining building, electrical, and sign permits in hundreds of municipalities nationwide, we assure you that our streamlined permit acquisition process can work through any obstacle.

Sign Permit, Building Permit, and Electrical permit

We research municipality ordinances and codes, obtain all necessary documents to successfully apply for and obtain permits, and coordinate the entire process from initial due diligence to permit issuance and closeouts.

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Why use Keyser as your Permit Expediter?

  • Leverage a team of fully trained and experienced expediters.
  • Rely on our expansive network of permitting partners and municipalities.
  • Significantly reduce overhead costs.
  • Prioritize other project tasks, increasing productivity and profitability.
  • Build permit expediting costs into your client fees.
  • Trust our process and experience obtaining special permit approvals.
    • CUP (Conditional Use Permits)
    • SUP (Special Use Permits)
    • Variances
    • Rezoning
    • Code Text Amendments

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