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Outdoor Digital Signage Solutions

Looking for custom, engaging, and highly-effective outdoor digital signage solutions that attract customers and enhance their onsite experience?  Keyser offers:

Let Keyser’s experts help you decide on a structure, design, layout, and CMS for your outdoor digital signage. Showcase content in real-time to maximize sales revenue and highlight specific items.

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Featured Solution:

55″ High Bright LCD Digital Signage Display

This permanent yet portable outdoor digital signage display uses LOW power and provides HIGH brightness! With little to no service needed, this weatherproof outdoor digital signage display has a built-in Android Operating System with WiFi and Bluetooth so live events, games and advertisements can be streamed directly from phones, computers or streaming devices such as an Amazon Firesticks, Google Chromecast, Roku, and many more.

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Outdoor Digital Signage Benefits Your Business

Enhanced Experience

Appealing and engaging digital content makes your customer’s visit more pleasant, appealing, and memorable.

Long-term cost savings

Keyser-provided CMS platforms allow easy and cost-efficient electronic updates without the need for any print.

Easy up-selling

Promote a specific item whenever you want and for as long as you want with no overhead costs.


If your business sells different items during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, have your digital display certain items during those different meal times.

FAQs about Keyser’s Outdoor Digital Signage Solutions

Where can outdoor digital signage be used?  It can be utilized in almost every application possible.  This includes everything from watching the game in diverse outdoor environments, to interactive wayfinding kiosks, to outdoor menu boards in drive-thrus, to any outdoor sign designed to capture a passerby’s attention. The display’s durability allows it to be used in any weather condition with limited or no service required.  Outdoor digital signage is a great way to enhance your customer experience with eye-catching visuals.

What kind of messaging can I show on my outdoor digital signs?  Like our indoor signage, any digital media can be displayed as content.  You can display static images like a menu or sign, as well as rich multimedia experiences in full-motion 4K.  Your outdoor digital signage media player can have many components to pull real-time data such as headlines, weather, etc.

How does outdoor signage work?  It works much like a combination of the phone in your pocket and your LCD or LED displays at home.  By combining on-demand information and displaying in a way that is both private and public at the same time.  Your outdoor digital signage solution simply needs power and access to an internet connection.

How much does outdoor digital signage typically cost?  Like indoor signage, pricing can vary widely depending on your use case but is a bit higher than indoor due to the advanced thermal features native to the outdoor digital displays. Have a project in mind? Tell us about it.

Does outdoor signage need to be high brightness?  Yes.  It’s over 5x brighter than a standard screen you would see in an interior application.  It is measured in candle power per meter squared, more commonly known as a nit.

What type of TVs or display screens are best for outdoor digital signage?  High Brightness +2500 nit and IP67 rating.  This ensures your display will shine through the brightest of days and survives the harshest of conditions.

How does Keyser’s 55″ High Bright LCD Digital Signage Display compare to others available? Our signature outdoor LCD display is state-of-the-art. While others are still using forced air cooling (fans), we only need an ambient air solution.  This eliminates the need to run additional service lines to support a filter and fan system and also minimizes potential issues. The Keyser’s 55″ High Bright LCD Digital Signage Display also has an embedded Android solution with the capability to upgrade to Bright Sign, using little power.  The Keyser unit only consumes a maximum of 200 Watts. Even with all these features, the Keyser’s 55″ High Bright LCD is still a more robust and affordable solution than anything else on the market.

How is outdoor digital signage made weatherproof? Durability is developed through a rigorous design process that involves CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and as always, trial and error. Keyser uses a series of gaskets to keep pollutants from penetrating the electronics and high-grade industrial components.

Can outdoor digital signage have a touch screen? Definitely. Like indoor signage, outdoor signage can be field upgraded to touch screen kiosks in just a few hours and at a later date.

Do I need to worry about outdoor digital signage overheating? This is always a concern with outdoor digital signage displays. Heat is the primary failing point of anything electronics-based. All components are solid-state within our Keyser displays. This helps mitigate most points of failure. With proper fanless thermal control, the unit utilizes the entire metal screen housing to dissipate heat away from key components.

How does direct sunlight impact the viewing experience of outdoor digital signs? The dynamics of geographic region, viewing angle, and elevation have a severe impact on display performance. At different elevations and climates, the sun has different impacts. If you can’t dissipate the solar load from the sun, the unit will never operate normally. One fact that most people don’t think about is outdoor environments like a ski slope. Despite the fact that the ambient temperature is 30F, the sun still applies a solar load to the display and also a reflective solar load from the white snow. This in turn will cause a screen to exceed 150F temperatures on a 30F day if cooling is not managed properly.

Does Keyser offer installation or maintenance of outdoor digital signage? Yes. We offer the full spectrum of install and service, including running data and power to the install location, setup internet, firewalls, and all cloud-based licensing.

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