Indoor Digital Signage

Indoor Digital Signage for Every Business Application

Keyser understands your need for custom, engaging, and highly-effective indoor digital signage solutions that maximize sales and enhance your customer’s experience.  We offer:

Let Keyser’s experts help you decide on a structure, design, layout, and CMS for your indoor digital signage. Showcase content in real-time to maximize sales revenue and highlight specific items. Available in portrait or landscape display options, our indoor LCD solutions can be built to fit into any business setting allowing you to bring any image to life.

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Indoor Digital Signage Benefits Your Business

Enhanced Experience

Appealing and engaging digital content makes your customer’s visit more pleasant, appealing, and memorable.

Long-term cost savings

Keyser-provided CMS platforms allow easy and cost-efficient electronic updates without the need for any print.

Easy up-selling

Promote a specific item whenever you want and for as long as you want with no overhead costs.


If your business sells different items during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, have your digital display certain items during those different meal times.

FAQs about Keyser’s Indoor Digital Signage Solutions

Where can indoor digital signage be used?  Digital signage solutions can be utilized in any indoor space where there is currently a print advertisement.  This includes wayfinding signage in healthcare settings, menuboards in hospitality settings, video walls in entertainment settings and conference rooms, and interactive kiosks in nearly any location.  Indoor digital signage is a great way to enhance your customer experience with intuitive and modern technology.

What kind of messaging can I show on my digital signs?  Any digital media can be displayed as content.  You can display static images like a menu or sign, as well as rich multimedia experiences in full-motion 4K.  Your indoor digital signage display will have many components to pull real-time data from headlines, events, weather, etc.

How do digital signage displays work?  It works much like a combination of the phone in your pocket and your LCD or LED displays at home.  By combining on-demand information and displaying in a way that is both private and public at the same time.  Your digital signage solution simply needs power and some internet connection.

How much does indoor digital signage typically cost?  Pricing can vary widely depending on your use case. For instance, if your LCD display is going to be hung on a wall and used to run digital movie posters, that would be considerably less than a free-standing interactive display that obtains visual recognition and analyzes the current surroundings.  Starting prices vary from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands.  Have a project in mind?  Tell us about it.

Why choose Keyser over other indoor digital signage providers?  Keyser offers you a complete turnkey solution with a la carte purchasing.  We guide you through all the hurdles we have overcome during our nearly 60 years of service.  From the most novice customer to the most advanced solutions, Keyser delivers your solution with years of guidance and expertise.

Are media players or digital signage software included with the display units?  Solutions can be incredibly robust and we set up every customer for success based on their unique needs and budget. We work with all major players that have SoC and stand-alone media players.  We can also help you set up the media player and train you on the content management system (CMS), or we can manage that process for you.

Can indoor digital signs have a touch screen?  Absolutely.  We have solutions that can be field upgraded to touch screen kiosks.  Most peripheral items are all USB interfaces.  For example, if you are uncertain if the kiosks will be located in an area that will support touch interaction, we can leave them out in the initial production phase.  If a year into the deployment of the kiosk you want to integrate touch, we can do that within a few hours on-site.

Do indoor digital signage need to have high brightness like outdoor displays?  No, interior signage varies.  For instance, you wouldn’t want a standard brightness LCD in an atrium with a significant amount of ambient light.  It would appear to be dim.  In these circumstances, 700 nit would be plenty.  On the opposing side, if you have a meeting room wayfinding display, 300 nit is more than enough.

What type of TVs or display screens are best for indoor signage?  Indoor screens, when looking at just hardware, are essentially all the same.  The only thing that separates our indoor signage solutions from a Samsung TV you would purchase at Best Buy is the onboard operating system (SoC) and commercial components to last longer than a few years.

Does Keyser offer installation or maintenance of indoor digital signage?  Yes.  We offer the full spectrum of install and service, including running data and power to the install location, setup internet, firewalls, and all cloud-based licensing.

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