Content Management Services

What is CMS?

A Content Management System is what controls a digital display. It will show photos, videos, RSS feeds, websites, and social media along with when to show them on display. Most CMS programs, including Digital Display Content Management programs, are web-based applications that can be controlled from a desktop computer, tablet or phone. As long as there is internet access to the display, the CMS content can be controlled almost immediately.

Digital Display Content Management

Only administered users have the right to alter the content within the CMS. This is set up much like a business network would be set up by their IT manager. Users have a limited privilege; administrators have full control. This allows only specific portions to be controlled on the Digital Display Content Management System, depending on rights.

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A CMS is composed of five major components:

  • Content Creation: Basically, a graphic designer; someone taking a napkin sketch and producing visually stunning graphics. These can be custom-tailored to a brand likeness, menu boards, animations or another visual representation.
  • Content Layout: How the content is shown with the CMS. Using regions, we can separate the digital LCD screen into “parts”. The top half could be playing a video, and the bottom could be scrolling through images. This template approach allows you to reuse pre-built sections to add new content within your defined layout easily.
  • Playlist: This controls what will be played in a region of the content layout. It can be comprised of a variety of videos, images, or text.
  • Scheduling: If a client has several locations with multiple screens, each location can have a different layout and a different schedule of the content displayed. These schedules can be managed to change content weekly, seasonally or in real-time.
  • Reporting: This is the process of knowing what content was played in what region, for how long and when. Reporting provides powerful data for marketing analytics. Reports can be exported and organized into any format needed.

Our team can find the best content management solution to fit your business needs. With our solutions for digital signage content management and other digital products, we enable you to send content to your display or media player in real-time with a user-friendly interface.

Our digital signage CMS solutions are specifically designed to be used with the digital signage we manufacture, providing an integrated solution on digital display content management. However, all applications are flexible, enabling you to scale to any project or number of screens with confidence.


Keyser is at the forefront of drive-thru content management. This system is a combination of headsets, timers, loops and dashboard applications that together create the efficient functionality of your drive-thru.

The cloud management application allows you to work seamlessly in unison to the benefit of your customers. The timer systems cut down wait times at the drive-thru. Let us help you run your drive-thru faster and more accurately to maximize customer satisfaction, with our digital display content management.

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