We’re Building a Network of Elite Digital Signage Installers

We’re Building a Network of Elite Digital Signage Installers

We’re Building a Network of Elite Digital Signage Installers

  • On February 16, 2024

Digital signage has revolutionized how businesses communicate information. From utilizing massive video walls to digital menu boards for expedited food ordering, digital signage is transformative and captivating. But it wouldn’t be possible without an esteemed, knowledgeable team of digital signage installers. 

At Keyser, we are a global digital signage company with over 50 years of experience in the industry. In the dynamic world of digital signage, we recognize that the backbone of seamless deployments lies in the hands of elite installers. So, we’re building a team of skilled professionals to deliver solutions that will help businesses connect with their customers through digital signage and truly make an impact. 

Whether you’re looking to complete a new project or partner with us to bring high-quality solutions to companies, we want to connect. In this blog post, we’ll explore the intricate steps of the digital signage installation process and the team of skilled professionals it takes to get the job done right. 


The aspects of digital signage: The need for professional digital signage installers 

From creation to installation, it takes an entire team of experts to ensure a project is completed with the professionalism and excellence a business deserves. Below, we’ve outlined the various specialties involved in successful digital signage installation. From retail stores and fast food restaurants to healthcare and community organizations, we take a thorough approach to ensure messaging success. 

Project management

Digital signage projects can be complex, involving various components such as wall-mounted digital displays, media players, content management systems (CMS), and network infrastructure. Project management helps organize and coordinate these elements to ensure they work seamlessly together. And since every project begins with a plan, it’s up to the installation professionals to ensure that the plan is carried out seamlessly. 

When you work with professional digital signage installers, you get a team that focuses on ensuring every aspect of the project, from planning the first steps of the installation process to meeting deadlines and performing risk assessments, is completed with the utmost care. Digital signage installers help meet project goals within specified timelines, budgets, and quality standards, ultimately contributing to the success of the digital signage deployment.

Software and development 

The effectiveness of digital signage hinges on the quality of the messages it conveys. When a business fully embraces the potential of digital signage, it transcends the limitations of static signs, unlocking a realm of impactful possibilities. Leveraging CMS and integrated software can empower businesses to skillfully program tailored messages and eye-catching graphics and schedule them strategically to align with consumer demands, implementing impactful marketing strategies that enhance the customer experience. 

When looking for digital signage installation services, consider a professional with experience with digital signage software integrations. Consultants who partner with software developers and integration specialists ensure that your digital signage operates smoothly. This means you get expert installation and a seamless way to manage and convey your brand messages through your digital signage.

At Keyser, our digital signage CMS solutions are specifically designed to be integrated with the various signage we offer. The software provides an integrated solution to manage all content from one simplified system. All applications are flexible, making any project scalable to any number of screens.

Technology manufacturing

The technology utilized in any installation project must be top-quality, with a manufacturing process your business can rely on. At Keyser, we partner with top-tiered manufacturing companies to optimize installation efficiency and minimize overhead costs, allowing us to pass on these savings to our customers. Our extensive network of facilities is geared towards managing the entire spectrum of fabrication needs, ranging from attention to intricate details to tackling large-scale projects, such as embedding an 80″ pipe 36 feet into the ground. 

Picture one facility constructing the structural components, like a Christmas tree, while another focuses on producing the ornaments. The culmination of these elements takes place at Keyser, where we undertake comprehensive commissioning and assembly. The final touch involves disassembling and expertly packaging the completed product for seamless transportation to the designated job site.

Content management

Creating and presenting valuable content that evokes emotions is the heart of your digital signage strategy. A content management system is the powerhouse behind managing your messaging and presenting other forms of content like videos, RSS feeds, websites, and social media content. Technology today has made content management easy, with many web or cloud-based CMS programs, including those designed for digital display content management, accessible via desktop computers, tablets, or phones. With internet connectivity directly to the display, controlling CMS content becomes nearly instantaneous, helping your business manage, edit, and control content from anywhere. 

At Keyser, we enable you to send content from your PC to your display or digital signage player in real time with a user-friendly interface. This technology can also produce interactive features like touch screens or scrolling capabilities. This type of content helps your audience interact with your signage, creating a more memorable experience and enhancing the user experience. 


Design services

While creating captivating designs is a top priority of any design team, effectively translating these visuals to digital signage can pose a challenge. For example, say a design team has initiated a new layout for their drive-thru menu board; it’s up to the installers to help their client determine the best screen quality and size to make the images stand out. The installation team is also responsible for positioning the display at the correct angles and height for maximum impact.

At Keyser, we go beyond design by meticulously assessing the ideal digital layouts for your menu and advertising requirements, ensuring that your designs are showcased at their best. Our specialized design team excels in crafting custom layouts, providing each brand with a distinct and impactful visual identity.

Permit acquisition

It’s crucial to thoroughly investigate and understand the requisite permits and regulatory obligations associated with your targeted digital signage location. Businesses must align with industry-specific regulations and local signage guidelines and secure essential permits or approvals before initiating the installation process. Key permits to consider include:

  • Zoning
  • Electrical
  • Variances
  • Code text amendments
  • CUP (Conditional Use Permits)
  • SUP (Special Use Permits)

While many businesses may be left to fend for themselves during a digital signage installation project, our team of experts is there to help you understand the requirements, meet all installation regulations, and obtain the proper permits.


Digital signage systems are complex. When you first consider installing a display system, you may be fooled into thinking it’s as simple as tossing up a sign but navigating cabling, software, and networking connections requires expert installers. At Keyser, we handle every aspect of installation, so you don’t have to. Our extensive nationwide network comprises qualified contractors, installers, and technicians skilled in their craft to produce quality results for our customers. 

When you work with us, our installation services provide:

  • Effective communication with key stakeholders, licensees, and site contacts
  • Thorough site surveys to assess signage needs and verify site readiness
  • Proficient management of permitting and variance processes
  • Streamlined equipment ordering, kitting, and logistics
  • Strategic scheduling of tasks to optimize efficiency
  • Site preparation encompassing construction, electrical work, and cabling
  • Efficient equipment installation, testing, provisioning, and close-out processes
  • Rapid response to address and resolve follow-up issues

From individual installations to large-scale rollouts exceeding 5,000 sites, we use systematic audit process management to ensure consistent quality, with robust contingency planning to tackle any unforeseen issues.


Digital signage is an efficient and potent medium for conveying messages; however, it isn’t immune to technical errors. The maintenance of your equipment is arguably one of the most critical aspects. Since modern technology constantly evolves, your signage will need to evolve, too. When looking for the best digital signage installers, consider a partner equipped with a responsive maintenance team that can swiftly address technical issues when necessary. 

Many installers will communicate if their contract includes ongoing maintenance, but if it doesn’t, consider long-term warranty options to safeguard your digital signs. Non-operating equipment will cost your company more in the long run due to loss of sales, but with ongoing maintenance, your installation team can ensure consistent quality and mitigate common risks that could compromise the effectiveness of your signs. This empowerment extends to tasks such as organizing playlists, managing media files, and assessing performance to proactively prevent disruptions, ultimately minimizing downtime.

At Keyser, we know uptime is critical to your business operations. Our installation experts are available to customize a service and maintenance program for your needs, with 24/7/365 support. 


The importance of industry partnerships: The power of collaboration

The power of strong industry partnerships in digital signage consulting can never be understated. Industry experts possess a deep understanding of cutting-edge digital signage software, enabling them to optimize the deployment of video walls, large video displays, digital directories, or wayfinding kiosks on a small or commercial scale.

A digital signage consultant efficiently manages projects from inception to execution, ensuring everything from content to design to software management is flawlessly executed. When vetting partners, consider their years of experience and look for case studies and client testimonials highlighting successful projects they were involved in. Further, ensure their equipment and technology are reputable and up to your company’s standards. 

At Keyser, we’re assembling a prestigious team of skilled installation experts, including expert partnerships. Our strategic partnerships include manufacturing companies, IT specialists, content management companies, hardware companies, and construction experts. Cultivating strong relationships with these partners enables digital signage consultants to tap into a rich reservoir of resources, expertise, and cutting-edge technologies. This, in turn, elevates the quality of our service offerings and enhances the solutions delivered to clients.


Why Keyser?

At Keyser, our team of digital signage experts doesn’t just boast years of experience; we’ve cultivated enduring relationships to gain entry into cutting-edge technology, a wealth of expertise, and an arsenal of creative resources — and we’re looking to add more. 

The outcome? Tailored and innovative digital signage solutions meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of every business. Our professional installation services focus on optimizing a strategy and budget to their full potential so companies can grow. 

Our journey to assemble a digital signage network of elite installers is not merely about connecting professionals but cultivating a community of excellence. By bringing together the finest talents in the field, we are shaping a network that goes beyond installations; it’s a collaborative force driving innovation and setting new standards for professional digital signage services. 

If you’re looking for end-to-end services for your next installation project or looking to partner with us to bring world-class installation services to businesses, contact us today. 


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