The Next Big Thing: Digital Pylon Signs for Commercial & Retail

The Next Big Thing: Digital Pylon Signs for Commercial & Retail

The Next Big Thing: Digital Pylon Signs for Commercial & Retail

  • On February 29, 2024

Title: The Next Big Thing: Digital Pylon Signs for Commercial & Retail

Commercial and retail businesses in the digital signage landscape need the latest technical advancements to stay ahead of the curve. Digital pylon signs are ideal advertising forms that redefine how businesses communicate with their audience by going to great lengths (literally) to ensure their signage is seen. While once only static, digital pylon signs are now the next big thing to help companies stay relevant in the increasingly competitive digital era.

This blog will define pylon signs and their importance and detail the many benefits of these grand structures for commercial and retail businesses. 

What Are Pylon Signs?

Pylon signs, also known as pole signs, are tall, freestanding formations that come in a variety of options, from static to digital. Pylon signs are best used to advertise a business name or relevant offerings outdoors, with varying structural elements to help make an impact. The different types of pylon signs include: 

Freestanding: Freestanding pylon signs are typically supported by one single pole or twin poles comprised of steel or aluminum with added pole covers to enhance the design. 

Monuments: Monument signs are usually positioned at the entrance of a building at eye level and blend in with the surrounding landscaping. 

Double-sided: Double-sided signs display a business name or relevant information on both sides of the sign for clear visibility from either direction of the business. 

Static pylon signs are often created with an illuminated cabinet or light box; however, many companies opt for digital LED. They are commonly found along highways, near shopping plazas, or in areas with high foot or vehicle traffic. The height advantage alone makes pylon signs an excellent choice for retail stores, healthcare facilities, apartment complexes, and other locations looking to ensure visibility from far distances. 

Understanding Pylon Signs

Many companies utilize pylon signs for their grand structure and ability to communicate multiple messages simultaneously. Gas stations, for instance, often use pylon signs to list the varied pricing for different forms of gas. Drivers use these signs to gauge current prices and compare which station offers the most cost-efficient option. They’re also great for advertising other messaging like retail sales, building information, or simply advertising a company name and logo. The eye-catching, vast appeal of pylon signs grabs the attention of potential customers, leaving a lasting impression.

Channel letters, displaying the business name with a bold and illuminated presence, contribute to the sign’s attention-grabbing qualities. Additionally, a custom cabinet sign may be incorporated, showcasing the brand’s logo and adding a unique touch to the overall appeal. But for the ultimate design, businesses are going digital to truly make an impact for their business. 

The Benefits of Going Digital

The depth of the many benefits of digital pylon signs is vast, presenting an opportunity worth seizing. As businesses strive to stay relevant, it’s no surprise that digital signage has become an integral part of modern marketing strategies. And commercial and retail businesses are the prime target market. 

Here are the benefits of digital pylon signs for commercial and retail businesses. 

Increased Visibility 

Business signs need to be eye-catching, informative, and, most importantly, visible. From 20 to 80 feet structures, pylon signs vary in size and structure, but one thing remains true: the enhanced visibility is something to be recognized. Pylon signs are noticeable from great distances, capturing the attention of anyone passing by seeking your business or the corresponding offerings. Pylon signage is especially helpful if your business is positioned further back from a main road, allowing motorists to see exactly where your business is located from long distances.

By going digital, companies can implement high-quality, bright LED lights, making the signage visible in daylight or harsh weather conditions like snow or fog. The high-resolution displays and vivid colors ensure that your message stands out, with 24/7 management capabilities. Whether it’s showcasing products, promotions, or brand aesthetics, digital pylon signs provide a visually striking platform that captivates and engages an audience. 

Improved Brand Representation

From utilizing massive LCD video walls to advertise a clothing line to self-service digital kiosks and wayfinding resources, digital displays are transformative and captivating. And the best place to implement these eye-catching structures is right outside of a business. With digital efforts, pylon signs can display company logos clearly, along with the company name and current offerings. For instance, if your business specializes in sneakers tailored to specific needs like arch support or breathability, a digital pylon sign becomes a dynamic storyteller, showcasing not only your company name but also a compelling tagline to capture the attention of potential customers.

For example, messaging such as “Customized Running Shoes – 20% Off Now” not only informs but also differentiates your brand from others lining the same street. Digital pylon signs can also broadcast multimedia content in vivid, high definition, elevating the aesthetic appeal of your brand. This fusion of technology and creativity not only attracts attention but also ensures that your business leaves a lasting, visually impactful impression on anyone passing by.

Dynamic Content

One of the key advantages of digital pylon signs is their ability to adapt and evolve with real-time content updates. Businesses can effortlessly modify content, ensuring their messaging remains relevant and timely. From announcing flash sales to sharing live updates, digital pylon signs keep customers informed and engaged. Relevant content is particularly useful in healthcare scenarios, as it can display current information or insightful updates like free flu shots, relevant hours or emergency notifications, and wayfinding. 


One of the most significant advantages of pylon signage lies in its remarkable durability, enabling your business to invest in signage that will last for years to come. Pylon signs are specifically engineered to endure extreme temperatures and weather conditions, with robust frames that resist corrosion. Further, as an evolving trend, digital signage is on track to becoming a necessity for most businesses, meaning that when your company invests in itself, it not only offers many positive advantages for profit but also allows your business to remain competitive against others nearby. 

Implementing Pylon Signs: The Importance of Expert Installation

As profound innovations, pylon signs are no easy match for a rookie installer. The grand design requires the hands of skilled professionals adept at installing a pylon sign’s technical and structural elements. An expert installation team ensures that each aspect of the installation, from positioning and permit acquisition to content strategy and graphic design, is completed with the utmost care, keeping your business propositions in mind to ensure excellence. 

Since digital pylon signs are illuminated through various technical wiring, working with skilled experts is essential to ensure perfect functionality. Improper installation can lead to many risks, including damage to the sign, improper wiring, or risks to the property and pedestrians passing by. Professional installers take serious precautions to avoid any damage during the installation process, preserving the integrity of the sign and the environment while following regulatory processes and requirements. 

Turn to Keyser for Your Digital Pylon Sign Installation

At Keyser, our in-house team handles every aspect of pylon signage installation, so you don’t have to. Our extensive nationwide network is made up of qualified contractors, installers, and technicians skilled in their craft to produce quality results for our customers. Whether you’re seeking custom pylon signs or a standard digital design, we have the skills and experience to perform installation to the highest standards. 

From increasing the visibility of a business to investing in long-term advertising, there is no shortage of benefits of digital pylon signs. Whether guiding customers directly to your business, showcasing the latest promotions, or elevating your brand aesthetics, digital pylon signs stand to be a game-changer that sets your business apart in the bustling world of commercial and retail.

If you’re interested in implementing digital pylon signs for your business or want to explore the latest sign products, contact us today! 


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