Trend Watch: Endcap Displays to go Digital in 2024

Trend Watch: Endcap Displays to go Digital in 2024

Trend Watch: Endcap Displays to go Digital in 2024

  • On February 11, 2024

Whether navigating a retail store or grabbing your weekly groceries, chances are you’ll encounter an endcap display during your excursion. Endcap displays are the ultimate marketing tactic. The strategically placed displays showcase items in a captivating and unique way that appeals to shoppers, ultimately enhancing the in-store shopping experience and boosting sales in the process. 

While endcap displays have been used for many years, many businesses are taking the concept and going digital. Adopting digital over traditional endcap displays in a rapidly changing digital era can help companies meet consumers’ evolving expectations and secure long-term sales through striking video implementations. 

This blog will define endcap displays and discuss how your business can benefit from utilizing these digital solutions in 2024. 


What are endcap displays? 

Endcap displays, also known as “end-of-aisle” displays, are strategically placed products designed to grasp customers’ attention as they shop. Retailers often use single-sided, freestanding gondola shelving units to place featured products to enhance visibility and increase sales. While the initial premise of endcap displays was to showcase a single item, today, retailers utilize various marketing tactics to display new product lines and seasonal items or promote different items that may pair nicely together. For example, grocery stores often use endcap displays to help shoppers have a more efficient shopping experience. Instead of placing boxes of stuffing on display at the start of November, stores will place a box of stuffing, instant mashed potatoes, gravy, and other popular Thanksgiving meal additions to present more efficient purchasing and upselling opportunities. This concept helps shoppers consider new items they typically would not purchase.

Walmart, specifically, has mastered the art of endcap displays by promoting items with rollback prices as part of its appeal. When consumers see opportunities to save, it creates more initiative for impulse buying, increasing new profit opportunities. 


The shift to digital: A new era for endcap displays

From single- to multiple-product merchandising, endcap store displays have revolutionized in-store advertising. So, why the shift to digital? As online shopping continues to shape the buyer’s journey, the need for high-quality in-store shopping experiences increases, leaving retailers to find innovative ways to gain shoppers’ attention through eye-catching initiatives, like digital displays. This move is necessary to gain a deeper understanding of manufacturers’ return on investment (ROI) regarding sales made within the store, stay competitive with other retailers, and meet the latest customer expectations. 

Customers today prefer to consume information digitally, and this preference extends to their shopping experiences. They seek swift and streamlined shopping experiences with eye-catching initiatives to persuade their buying process. Comparable to online targeted advertising that suggests related products based on users’ cart contents or previous views, endcap displays replicate this effect in a physical store setting. Endcap displays introduce new items in a stimulating, visually appealing manner to attract potential buyers. And much like online, customers can instantly add the showcased item to their cart and make a purchase. 

Today, endcaps are going digital to enhance their effectiveness even further. A digital endcap display involves a screen at the end of an aisle correlating seamlessly with a product. The concept goes beyond static visuals, offering a platform for dynamic advertising messaging, captivating video animations, and diverse multimedia content. Whether communicating exclusive special offers, showcasing promotional videos, or simply providing a visually alluring representation of the product, digital endcap displays redefine the possibilities of in-store marketing.


Benefits of going digital

Implementing digital endcap displays offers a host of advantages for your business. 

Enhanced customer engagement

Digital efforts leave a lasting impression on customers and can prompt more engagement and interaction. In the beauty industry, for instance, major cosmetic retailers like Sephora and Ulta are transforming their endcap displays through digital enhancements. These stores leverage interactive digital screens equipped with facial recognition technology, allowing customers to try on products like lipstick virtually without any physical contact. These digital displays provide a comprehensive insight into the featured products by aligning with customers’ color preferences and offering an immersive, interactive experience. In-store associates can further solidify purchasing decisions by recommending complementary products, enriching the shopping experience.

Brand exposure

Effective endcap displays leave a lasting impression. And more attention to your brand will only benefit your organization further. Retail endcap displays act as the perfect canvas to display product lines and featured items, exposing your brand to returning and potential customers. Returning customers often know exactly where a product is if it’s frequently placed on an endcap aisle, allowing for easier accessibility. Utilizing prime locations across the store also allows manufacturers to display their merchandise in optimal locations to appeal to a broader audience, increasing brand awareness. 

Real-time customization and updates

Digital signage presents many advantages, including appealing graphics, eye-catching initiatives, and dynamic content. However, its ultimate allure lies in the capacity to seamlessly adapt to evolving demands and market needs through real-time updates and customizable features. With the aid of integrated software solutions, managers can effortlessly modify content, refresh sales information, and tailor messages to specific audiences at various times throughout the day. This dynamic marketing strategy not only enhances visual appeal but also streamlines businesses’ efforts to reach their target audience effectively.

Improved tracking and analytics of customer interactions

Software integrations also enable users to track and analyze customer interactions to gather valuable insights and optimize content delivery. This data can track precisely how many customers interacted with your endcap display and signage, the number of sales, and valuable target market data depending on the system used. By analyzing these tracking and analytics insights, businesses can refine their content strategy, improve the effectiveness of their messaging, and create a more personalized and engaging experience for their audience. 

Exploring different types of digital endcaps

It’s no secret that visual merchandising is shaping the future of in-store purchases, but there are many different ways to achieve this new level of excellence. Below, we’ve listed some of the most popular types of digital endcaps. 

Point of purchase displays 

Positioning endcap displays at the end of a shopping journey, for example, near the checkout line, is the perfect way to attract customers and encourage impulse purchases. Product placement near checkout counters or aisle displays boosts sales and quick decision-making. Target, a billion-dollar retail corporation, positions endcap displays near their checkout lines with everyday home items like garbage bags, batteries, books, and the latest films on DVD. This strategic approach prompts customers to spontaneously pick up essential items they may have overlooked or suddenly find appealing after seeing them on display. Common sentiments like “I’ve been wanting to see this movie lately” or “I’ve been meaning to read this book” often arise as customers encounter endcap displays showcasing popular and trending books or movies. Digital displays can enhance this strategy further by showcasing high-definition images or marketing videos to promote the product. 

Aisle displays 

An aisle display is an effective way to place an abundance of highly sought-after items on one display for easier purchasing or navigation. For instance, a customer searching for band-aids might traditionally navigate the health aisle to find this item. The process can be straightforward, but it also has the potential for challenges, with customers sometimes struggling to locate their desired product. In numerous instances, the frustration of locating the intended item may lead to a loss of interest in continuing the shopping journey. However, if band-aids are prominently featured at the front of the aisle on an endcap display, accompanied by other essential medical items such as Neosporin, larger bandages, or alcohol wipes, it could serve as a catalyst for additional purchases by enticing customers with a convenient and comprehensive selection.

Pop-up displays 

Pop-up product displays are notably found in larger stores like Walmart, Costco, and Target. These displays differ from traditional endcap displays in that they are temporary pop-ups for specialty or seasonal products. In some instances, stores may use year-round pop-up displays that can easily be maneuvered to stand at different locations throughout the store or on a pallet. Pop-up displays are an excellent way to encourage featured item sales without committing to a long-term display. This type of display works great with digital a-frame boards, freestanding digital displays, or displays with wheels for more effortless movement.

Interactive digital displays

Interactive digital signage allows customers to interact with signage using touchscreen or scrolling capabilities. For example, manufacturers can invite customers to subscribe to their email list for coupons, like them on social media, or receive notifications about special offers. By integrating touch screens or QR codes, customers can engage directly with digital signage displays to discover more product details, watch videos, or access additional information. This interactive experience not only enables customers to make well-informed purchasing decisions but also cultivates a more profound connection with the brand.

LED displays

High-resolution LED screens showcase vibrant visuals and dynamic content to attract more customers to a product. These displays are effective for catching the attention of passing customers and creating an immersive experience. 

Digital kiosks

Digital signage kiosks come equipped with digital screens that allow customers to browse products, check pricing, and even make purchases directly from the self-service kiosks. 

Digital shelving units

The latest technical innovation driving purchases is digital shelving units. These shelf spaces use sensors to detect product interactions. So, when a customer picks up an item, relevant digital content will be triggered on the adjacent display to educate the customer and assist them in making their next purchase. 

Additional display options will vary based on the technology you plan to use and the type of products you use. While traditional endcap display enhancements like digital printing imagery are still effective, today’s digital innovations are taking center stage, leaving game-changing solutions like digital endcaps as the future of in-store advertising.


Partner with Keyser for digital endcap solutions

If you’re looking to enhance your digital awareness and harness the potential of your advertising efforts, consider endcap displays with Keyser as your premier partner for installation. We specialize in a range of indoor digital signage solutions that can be tailored to suit your specific needs, including customizable screen sizes, mounting configurations, and the inclusion of optional touchscreen functionality. 

Want to know how our process works? Our services include the following: 

  • Consultation and design customization
  • Technological integration and support
  • Ongoing maintenance and updates

With seamless communication options such as WiFi, cellular connectivity, Bluetooth, and NFC, our custom endcap displays promise both visual allure and technological sophistication.

Whether you’re utilizing endcap displays in a retail space, small business setting, or big box store, the benefits are substantial. At Keyser, we’ll help you explore using endcap displays to your advantage to raise sales and improve your brand awareness. We work with various industries, including hospitality, quick-service restaurants (QSRs), real estate, and so much more. 

For more information and FAQs on implementing these cutting-edge displays, reach out to our knowledgeable sales team at Keyser today.


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