8 Reasons Electronic Display Boards Are a Game-Changer for Marketers

8 Reasons Electronic Display Boards Are a Game-Changer for Marketers

8 Reasons Electronic Display Boards Are a Game-Changer for Marketers

  • On January 6, 2024

These days, consumers are on the fast track to receiving information quickly and efficiently. To stay relevant, marketers must find innovative solutions to reach an audience that can personalize content and cater to specific buying habits and preferences. The answer? Electronic displays. Electronic display boards offer a different medium for marketers to communicate their message in a unique and captivating way. They are a part of the revolutionary family of digital signage used to display images, content, and videos. As innovative, versatile solutions, marketers can utilize electronic display systems to increase brand awareness, reach a broader target market, and improve sales by fostering engagement through eye-catching, high-definition visuals.  

This blog will explore the many benefits of electronic display boards and why these innovations are changing how various industries approach their marketing strategy.

Benefits of electronic display boards: An innovative solution for marketers

Designed with the ability to display dynamic messaging and high-definition images, electronic display boards present many benefits. Below, we’ve outlined our top 8 reasons why these digital signage solutions are game-changers for marketers.

1. Enhanced Visibility

Electronic display boards offer crisp images with informative messaging that can be strategically placed in high-traffic areas like shopping malls, trade events, or outside of businesses to increase brand awareness. The key benefit of electronic display boards is that they are more visually stimulating than traditional signage like posters or billboards. Electronic displays present information in a captivating way. They often use vibrant colors, enhanced designs, and high-definition videos to capture an audience’s attention. 

Many different types of electronic display boards can be used to increase the visibility of a marketing campaign. For example, large message boards and outdoor digital screens can inform pedestrians on a sidewalk or drivers passing a business. Digital billboards are also excellent resources for displaying information on highways or busy intersections in larger cities. 

Other digital solutions like video walls are also notable and eye-catching, as the vast, immersive design helps consumers visualize your messaging. For example, if your business is advertising a Disney cruise, presenting various video clips of different areas of the ship, the offerings, and well-known Disney characters will help consumers remember your messaging. The “wow” factor truly makes an impact, giving your target market something to remember. 

2. Dynamic Content

Half the battle in creating an effective marketing strategy is finding the right messaging to engage your audience. Digital displays allow marketers to showcase dynamic and engaging content in exciting ways. There is also an edge that digital displays offer over traditional, and that’s the ability to edit content in real-time. Updating content at a moment’s notice allows marketers to keep messages fresh, relevant, and engaging, adapting quickly to market trends or promotional needs. For example, if a retail store runs a 48-hour sale, message displays can be updated immediately to reflect the sale details. Similarly, technology stores can show images of the latest smartphones and display temporary offers with promotional campaign videos for maximum impact. 

But it’s important to remember that your content must be valuable. Eye-catching designs and advanced technology can only go so far. Your taglines and messaging must evoke emotion in your audience, captivating them to convert. For example, Samsung, a business thriving in the electronics empire, has evolved into a well-known brand comparable to Apple for its innovative marketing campaigns. Their strategy involves sentimental storytelling techniques and 360 product videos with radiant imaging and corresponding taglines to captivate the consumer electronics market. Their messaging is simple but effective, proving that not every campaign needs to be complex. This method is especially true for healthcare signage, as content must be sensitive, empathetic, and straightforward to help consumers understand the message. 

3. Targeted Advertising

With electronic display boards, marketers can target specific audiences at different times of the day, optimizing the impact of their campaigns. For example, suppose a Nike campaign is targeting athletic consumers. In that case, marketers can use digital signs to display video campaigns that showcase the latest shoes and athletic wear, driving consumers to enter a physical store at a shopping mall or encouraging online shopping. 

Utilizing interactive mobile features, QR codes, touchscreen, or scrolling capabilities to view product lines is also a beneficial strategy that can be implemented in digital displays. Marketers can then optimize their campaign by researching when their targeted location has the most foot traffic. For example, they could run their most successful campaigns from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at a shopping mall when visitors are at their peak to appeal to a mass audience. Strategically placed electronic display boards can reach a broad audience, increasing the exposure of marketing campaigns to diverse groups. 

4. Versatility

Electronic display boards are versatile and suitable for various settings, such as retail spaces, trade shows, and outdoor environments. For example, freestanding display boards are ideal for larger spaces, allowing consumers to walk on either side of the board and showcasing messaging from both angles. Consumers leaving or entering a space will see your campaign, increasing brand awareness. Digital menu boards, on the other hand, allow businesses to display tantalizing menu options through high-resolution images or videos. Electronic boards can also take the shape of window units, video walls, or outdoor LED displays.

5. Interactive Opportunities

Some electronic display boards offer interactive features, engaging customers more deeply and creating memorable experiences. Take video games for example. Many companies developing video game apps struggle to gain adequate traction through the app store alone. While ads are effective, there’s a lack of connectivity to your target market. However, by using a digital screen with interactive touchscreen capabilities, you can place a trial of your game on a loop in front of a department or toy store, enabling consumers to try the game for themselves without any commitment to download. You’ve now enticed your audience to physically interact with your game, creating a quality and memorable experience. You can take it one step further and attach a QR code after the short trial to direct users to download your app right from the app store on their phone. 

Self-serving kiosks are another way to attract consumers by enabling self-service abilities to expedite the ordering process. Ease of use and convenience are critical drivers in purchases. Implementing interactive opportunities into your digital signage solutions results in an effective marketing method to encourage more downloads and purchases.

6. Data Integration

Software integrations are the missing puzzle piece that brings the entire vision to life when implementing digital display boards. Choosing your hardware is an essential first step, but determining how to display your messaging and the most effective way to do so involves advanced software and data integration to truly make an impact on your audience. Electronic display boards can integrate with data sources to display real-time information like breaking news, traffic updates, weather reports, or social media feeds, making marketing messages more relevant and impactful. While the complexity of your integration will depend on the nature of your display, many boards can integrate with CMS software or a media player. Some integrations only require Wifi, allowing users to manage their signage from remote locations or an Android or iOS device. 

7. High-Quality Visuals

Electronic display boards produce crisp, clear visuals that can enhance the perceived quality of the advertised products or services. Electronic displays are powered by LED or LCD screens. 

LED screens are emitted by light-emitting diodes (LEDs), individually lit by electric currents, producing minimal heat. 

Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) primarily function by an emitted backlight that makes polarized light beams that create high-definition images with the liquid crystals’ help. 

Color LEDs, like stadium signs or large scoreboards, are best for commercial use. In contrast, LCD displays are better at a smaller scale but work well when combined to create large video walls – an arrangement of multiple screens working together to create one cohesive visual – comprising either LCD or LED panels. Imagine a car dealership that wants to display its latest sports vehicle. Large LED display boards can showcase high-definition images to hone in on every detail that the model offers, helping customers picture themselves in that vehicle. Dealerships can take it one step further and promote new models on large video walls to create the ultimate immersive experience. 

8. Sustainability

Electronic display boards are a more environmentally friendly option for marketers because they eliminate the need for paper and print materials. Reducing the need for frequent physical updates and replacements from reprinting is more cost-effective, enhancing sustainability for marketers and businesses over time. Electronic displays are also a long-term investment that companies can utilize for many years.  

Electronic display board installation: Partnering with Keyser

If you’re seeking game-changing marketing solutions, consider our digital signage solutions. At Keyser, we offer everything from LCD video walls to digital boards and other outdoor and indoor signage, perfect for your marketing needs. We have a wide range of screen configurations with multiple sizing variations. 

From consultation, planning, and installation, we have the skill and expertise to help your business take advantage of the best way to promote your products or services. Whether you’re looking for signs for indoor use at a store or for outdoor use, our team of certified professionals knows the ins and outs of electronic display boards to ensure you receive the best product with fast and efficient installation and top-notch warranty options. 

In a fast-paced, digital world, marketers must stay ahead of the curve with innovative solutions. Electronic display boards increase visibility, display high-quality visuals, and spread awareness, all with sustainability and cost-efficiency in mind. 

If you’re ready to implement electronic display boards, contact Keyser today. 


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