Drive Productivity and Engagement with Office Digital Signage

Drive Productivity and Engagement with Office Digital Signage

Drive Productivity and Engagement with Office Digital Signage

  • On December 31, 2023

Business owners are always looking for the best way to engage employees and enhance office spaces. As a high-visibility, dynamic communication channel, offices can significantly benefit from the many advantages digital signage offers. Whether you’re looking to display company announcements, insightful business metrics, or are just looking for a way to direct visitors, digital signs are an interactive and effective means of communicating valuable information that engages employees and visitors alike. 

This blog will discuss the positive benefits of implementing office digital signage, the different approaches, and why Keyser is your premier partner to work with to install digital signage solutions in your office building. 

Digital signage in offices: Introducing a new digital era 

When creating an influential, informative office space, you may consider implementing motivational static signs or flyers on office bulletin boards in break rooms and lounges. But in a new digital era where screens reign in the tech world, digital signage can offer many positive advantages to an office space to help drive productivity and employee engagement

Digital signage displays offer the following benefits: 

Spread information instantly: Instead of sending lengthy emails, workers can immediately find out about an upcoming company event or office closing. 

Inform employees: Digital signage offers valuable information regarding company announcements, health information, or training without requiring long meetings or calls. 

Draw attention: Digital signage is engaging, with eye-catching designs and brightly-colored images. 

Sustainable: Digital signage may require updates over time, but those can be easily managed via content management software, leaving digital signs a sustainable solution for your office space. 

Eco-friendly: Rather than reprint static signage when information changes, digital signage can be updated instantly, helping meet many new sustainability office initiatives. 

Whether instating a new health plan, displaying a reminder about maintenance work, or sharing impactful business metrics to encourage engagement, digital signage is an effective tool for office spaces.

How to implement office digital signage to encourage productivity and engagement 

If you’re looking for a dynamic way to enhance your office, there are many ways to do so with digital signage to truly make an impact. 

Below, we offer nine ways to implement office digital signage to promote productivity and engagement. 

1. Navigation

Digital signs are great navigation tools for employees and visiting guests. Visitors enter and leave frequently and may need guidance in a large commercial building. With wayfinding kiosks, digital signage screens can display company directories with clear directions to meeting rooms, bathrooms, or elevators. Kiosks are also beneficial if visitors need to check in and out. Through impressive touch-screen technology, visitors can enter their name, phone number, and email to submit their place in line or leave their information to be contacted later. Outdoor signage and window displays are also ideal to engage visitors with eye-catching visuals before they enter. Window signage can display brand messaging, videos, or visitor information. 

2. Office appeal

In a growing digital era, updating an office space is critical in keeping your office space modern and inviting. Digital signage, like video walls, are high-resolution, bezel-less displays that seamlessly merge multiple screens into one cohesive screen. Implementing this type of design at a corporate headquarters, for example, will create an immersive display for employees and visitors, giving them a high-definition viewing experience of the inside of an office space, manufacturing facilities, or different office branches across the country. The modern updates will also enhance your office appeal.

3. Present essential company information

In real-time, digital displays can showcase important company announcements like corporate communications, company-wide closings, maintenance repairs, and healthcare, safety, and emergency alerts to spread awareness. Health and safety information is often overlooked in an office setting, with flyers hung in low-traffic spaces in the building. Digital signage enables this information to be presented engagingly, informing workers immediately of a change or concern and improving internal communications exponentially. 

Workers often experience information overload, causing vital information to get lost. The key advantage of digital signage is the ability to deliver a message instantly in a dynamic and visually enticing way. For example, if a business has scheduled maintenance repairs, certain entrances may be blocked or parking limited. Presenting essential announcements via digital signage grabs employees’ attention, helping them avoid timely delays when coming to work and encouraging productivity. 

Further, healthcare and safety updates are essential information that must be presented clearly and in a specific timeframe. Open enrollment for healthcare is during a specific period that allows employees to choose a particular healthcare plan offered by their company. Digital office signs help communicate vital messages like healthcare updates and inform employees of company offerings and other important announcements. 

4. Promote company events 

Utilizing digital signage to promote company outings, holiday parties, or team bonding activities is a great way to boost morale and present upcoming events in a more visually enticing format. For example, if your company offers a team Friday event, many workers may decline attendance for a head start on their weekend. However, if you have a digital display screen mounted in the office that shows a visual representation of the event with drinks and appetizers you’ll offer, that may entice workers to want to join in on the fun despite it being the end of their work week. 

This promotion is also effective on a multi-screen video wall. Multi-screen experiences in digital signage redefine how information and content are presented, offering viewers immersive and captivating visuals that leave a lasting impression. 

Many employees often forget about company events or overlook emails if the messaging is not centered around client or work-related matters. Digital signage is informative and eye-catching, helping employees become more aware of what their company offers and the time and date of the event in a visually stimulating way.

5. Presentations 

Digital signage helps employees present information like business metrics, finance plans, and business goals in new and exciting ways. Interactive displays have unique touchscreen capabilities, enabling users to showcase insightful information instantly to create a more visually compelling experience. 

Presenting data can be cumbersome, but with an indoor digital display explicitly designed for meeting rooms, users can create more engaging experiences for presentations or encourage signups after a presentation for help with a project or meeting room bookings for future presentations. It’s also a great way to connect with remote team members on a larger screen. 

6. Showcase positive business metrics

In times of economic uncertainty, companies can benefit from displaying positive business metrics and KPIs. Employees want to feel secure in their jobs, and there’s nothing more discouraging than feeling like your job is on the line. Presenting valuable data to your entire team promotes positive encouragement. Motivational metrics and impactful content like Sales are up 12% this quarter or Onboarding three new clients this week show that the business is doing well and encourages employees to work harder to maintain that status. What’s more, this data can be pulled automatically from other platforms to showcase updated metrics in real time

7. Employee achievement announcements 

Highlighting an employee of the month or a particular team member for their hard work helps improve employee morale by showing appreciation. Recognizing hard work is essential in the workplace to encourage productivity through positive reinforcement. Employees want to know they’re appreciated and valued at their job. Highlighting an employee’s workplace achievements shows they genuinely make an impact there and that your company notices and is proud of them. And that encouragement goes a long way.

Recent reports found that when employees receive recognition for their work, they are 2.7x more likely to be highly engaged at work, encouraging better productivity, greater employee satisfaction, and increased retention of quality employees. 

Employee achievement announcements are best showcased on mounted LCD screens and video walls or freestanding digital display boards throughout the office. Digital displays even have the capability to loop images from a playlist by using a media player or CMS digital signage software. A digital signage player does all the heavy lifting when presenting dynamic content and enticing visuals, with many solutions offering user-friendly dashboard navigation and templates for easier use with accessible WiFi or Bluetooth connection. 

8. Employee incentives

Creating opportunities for employees to work harder is an effective way to drive productivity. Employees love receiving fun incentives like game tickets, gift cards, or a work bonus. Often, these opportunities are overlooked or forgotten. By displaying incentives on a wall-mounted LCD screen or digital sign in a break room, it gets employees talking about the opportunity to gain positive advantages from working harder and can unite them to work together on a special project. 

9. Employee training 

Employee training is incredibly valuable to the success of an organization. Training helps employees acquire essential skills to perform their positions to the best of their ability. Well-trained employees can work with more efficiency and speed, resulting in more productive work that is correct the first time. 

Proper training also helps to enhance customer experiences, as employees are more eager to answer customer inquiries if they feel they have training and knowledge of the subject. Further, when employees understand their job role and can perform their responsibilities correctly, it evokes a sense of confidence, encouraging further productivity and better engagement, reducing employee turnover rates and improving company culture

Most employee training is primarily completed through eLearning modules and online training videos. Still, much of the information taught in those videos is forgotten over time. A digital signage system can be programmed to display step-by-step tutorials, instructions, or how-tos in a company break room or lounge to help offer employees a refresh or encourage additional training opportunities in a comfortable setting in their workspace

Offering question-and-answer formats with touchscreen technology is also a fun and engaging way to get your employees involved with new implementations through trivia games or more visually stimulating training modules, enhancing the overall employee training experience. 

Choose Keyser for your office digital signage implementation 

Digital signage draws attention through dynamic, storytelling language and high-definition visuals, encouraging employees to read what your sign has to say. 

When you work with Kesyer, there are many ways you can implement digital signage. We offer several digital signage solutions for office spaces ideal for indoor or outdoor use. 

Our indoor signage consists of: 

  • Interactive Signage
  • Indoor Menu Boards
  • In-Window Units
  • LCD Video Walls
  • Promotional Signage
  • Self-Service Kiosks

Indoor digital signage can pull real-time data from headlines, events, social media posts, weather reports, etc. When looking to display real-time information for employees as they enter the building, it’s a simple process that we can help you set up or help train you on using a CMS. We work with all major players that have SoC and stand-alone media players. We also offer the full spectrum of installation and service, including running data and power to the installation location and setting up internet, firewalls, and cloud-based licensing.

Our outdoor digital signage consists of: 

  • Dyspro 55″ High Bright LCD 
  • Outdoor Digital Menu Boards – (FLEX)
  • Information Kiosk / Digital Display
  • Confirmation Pay/Pickup
  • Digital Readerboards

Our outdoor display’s durability allows it to be used in any weather condition with limited or no service required. Whether you’re looking to display static images like a company name or rich multimedia experiences in full-motion 4K, outdoor digital signage is a great way to engage an audience and enhance an office building with eye-catching visuals.

Implementing office digital signage is a great way to present information in a new and exciting way that captures employees’ attention. Whether you’re looking to use digital signs for training or to display company information, we’re happy to help you get started. 

Contact us today for a consultation.


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