Community Outreach in the Digital Age: Connecting Locally with LED Display Boards

Community Outreach in the Digital Age: Connecting Locally with LED Display Boards

Community Outreach in the Digital Age: Connecting Locally with LED Display Boards

  • On December 25, 2023

In an era of rapid technological change, where relationships are formed through text, invitations are sent via email, and video calling is used as a prime source of connection, it’s essential for businesses to reevaluate their approach to community outreach in an evolving technological world.

This new technical era has transformed how organizations once approached community outreach and evolved how we, as humans, communicate. Our frequent human interactions are now dispersed through digital outlets like websites, online forums, and social media, and reaching a broader audience and fostering collaborative efforts at a larger scale has become even easier with technology such as digital LED display boards. This type of digital signage has emerged as a groundbreaking tool for spreading awareness. They not only help companies communicate messaging but also increase brand awareness and engagement.

This blog will explore how LED display boards can revolutionize community outreach and connection in today’s increasingly digital world and highlight the best LED digital signage to get your messaging across.

The evolution of community outreach

Community outreach involves engaging with community members to raise awareness of events or concerning issues requiring support to identify proactive ways to resolve them or encourage participation. Outreach was commonly conducted door-to-door and through in-person meetings; however, today, community outreach has evolved, primarily driven by digital outlets like social media, community websites, or online support forums. 

Digital outreach allows organizations to engage with community members on multiple platforms instantly, allowing real-time engagement and enhancing outreach effectiveness exponentially. Take social media, for example; by creating a single post via TikTok or Instagram, organizations are able to grasp the attention of hundreds of people, or more depending on your following, propelling viewers to share or repost your content. And when a post goes viral, it gains significant traction in a short amount of time, capturing the attention of a diverse audience in a matter of a few hours. 

Digital signage offers the same effect. It offers the ability to display information to large groups of people at once, capturing the attention of a diverse audience with striking animations and impactful messaging. Like digital billboards, video walls, self-service kiosks and menu boards, LED display boards can be employed to promote a variety of messaging.

What are LED display boards?

LED display boards are digital systems powered by light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that display dynamic, full-color visuals and content. LEDs emit light when an electric current passes through them, with each pixel showing light independently. Once all the diodes are lit, they create one cohesive image. The key advantage of this technology is that LEDs produce minimal heat and won’t burn out the way traditional lighting technologies do. This results in lower electricity consumption, offering businesses a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. 

Further, LED display boards come in various sizes and pixels. An average digital display is around 60 x 120, while a digital billboard can be as large as 180 x 610. The pixel pitch, the distance between each pixel, of an LED screen determines the image’s sharpness. A smaller pitch translates to more pixels per square foot, producing sharper images. But up close, LED display boards may appear pixelated, making them ideal for larger commercial spaces like an arena or for scoreboards

Some models have an RGB interface, which uses a primary color model to transmit and display colorful images to a monitor, allowing managers to alter the intensity of colors or display low or high brightness when necessary. Among other features, if you’re seeking an LED video wall, the bezel – the frame around each LED panel — creates a seamless and dynamic image, free of distracting black lines that some LCD video walls may hold. 

Advantages of LED display boards for community outreach

As energy-efficient, versatile solutions, LED display boards can be used for a variety of purposes, including indoor and outdoor use, as well as commercial and consumer use. For example, large, outdoor LED sign boards are useful at stadiums to communicate game scores or event information, offering high brightness seen from even the furthest seats. LED video displays can also showcase hotel amenities in a lobby or to communicate news on a busy street corner or intersection. 

When looking to use LED display boards for community outreach, they offer many advantages for businesses. LED signage: 

  • Increases visibility
  • Offers real-time updates
  • Displays informative content 
  • Has multimedia capabilities
  • Offers interactive features
  • Is sustainable

LED display boards create a powerful viewing experience that spreads impactful messaging. From communicating local events to increasing awareness regarding safety and community updates, LED digital signage is a great tool for businesses to consider. 

Utilizing LED display boards for community outreach

Digital signage can be used for various purposes, but to creatively and effectively spread messaging, LED display solutions are the way to go. From high-resolution, full-color images to programmable displays and content management through CMS integrations using WIFI or Bluetooth, there’s no stopping these digital solutions. 

Here are some examples of how to take advantage of LED digital signage

Local event promotions and announcements

When utilizing digital LED signs for event promotion, it’s best to implement them in high-traffic or common areas like popular intersections, community centers, parks, or shopping areas. While static signage is effective, it cannot uphold constant changes, and social media results in the need to create a new post for each update. Using digital signage simplifies updating information, as many signage companies offer products with CMS integration. In just a few clicks, managers can edit and update content to coordinate with events or announcements, informing their target audience of the latest happenings in the local community. 

Emergency information dissemination 

Ensuring your local community and surrounding areas are well-informed regarding emergency information is vital. Community blood-drives, vaccine information, or new healthcare innovations can be advertised and communicated to help gain traction. In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, many sought helpful resources regarding preventative information. Dynamic signage can help provide essential information promptly, with the ability to direct community members to other helpful resources in the event of a pandemic or other urgent matters like a fire or natural disaster. 

Informing community members immediately of an unforeseen event is helpful for spreading information regarding evacuation procedures and places for shelter. An LED display board is the perfect option that can be placed in healthcare facilities, hospitals, or outside of a fire station or police department.

LED signage can be mounted in a waiting room or freestanding in larger spaces. They are also beneficial for outdoor usage, as many residents will look for 24 hour service information or other vital services for healthcare and emergencies when driving around a community. LED signs are even beneficial for open signs or exit signs, allowing drivers to view the operating hours from far away or identify exits to leave a building without getting lost. 

Community feedback and interactive displays

Digital LED display boards with interactive elements invite viewers to engage with your content, allowing for digital signups, survey collection, or community feedback. Mailed surveys or door-to-door approaches are no longer effective options to encourage participation. Mail gets thrown away, and nearly every homeowner owns a Ring camera or security device to discourage strangers from approaching their residence. The key is to grasp the attention of your target audience through high-traffic areas like shopping malls or community centers to achieve results. 

LED signage also has the ability for innovative touch-screen technology that allows users to type their information in, enter feedback, or scan a QR code using their mobile device for more information regarding an event or charitable cause. Mobile integration allows users to interact with the content on display using their smartphones or tablets, enhancing the user experience by providing more personalized content and increasing engagement. It also enables businesses to gather data on user behavior and preferences, a useful tool in helping to cater the effectiveness of your outreach efforts. 

Scrolling features also enable community members to find more information or view images about your issue or cause. Implementing digital solutions that encourage engagement and help users get involved without a hands-on approach like door-to-door is the best way to achieve measurable results. 

Strategies for effective use of LED display boards for community outreach

LED display boards can be extremely effective; when used correctly, but it’s essential to develop a concrete strategy before implementation. Here are some key considerations: 

Understand the target audience and their needs

To effectively promote your outreach efforts using LED display boards, it’s essential to understand your target audience and how to appeal to them. What motivates them to get involved? How can you tailor your messaging to appeal to a specific market? For example, if a local organization is promoting a volunteer program for high school students, the best way to grab their attention is to implement signage at a mall or educational institution. Incorporating social media and QR codes is also a great way to connect with your target audience and help spread awareness through other channels. 

Craft engaging and relevant content

Using digital signage for community outreach requires more than simply displaying images and implementing taglines; the content must be valuable and relevant to the viewers. Here is an example of a standard vs. compelling message display

Example 1: Community Blood Drive Saturday – 1-3 pm

Example 2: We need your help to save a life: Join us for a community Blood Drive this Saturday 1-3pm. 

Example 1 only offers basic information, not inspiring or encouraging emotion. Example number 2 offers an eye-catching initiative while providing the necessary information. Your content should evoke emotion but be short enough to read on the go. This approach is best for freestanding LED boards, in-window units or video walls that community members pass when walking by and can read quickly. 

Balance digital and traditional outreach methods

When utilizing LED display boards to present your information, foster those relationships by incorporating traditional outreach methods. For example, perhaps you have a digital display screen at the front of a trade show or large event center that offers information regarding a charity event looking for vendors and participants. Your digital signage could display pictures of the venue and entice viewers to sign up with messaging like “Breast Cancer Awareness Benefit at Bourbon Street – Seeking Vendors – Sign up Inside.” 

This method prompts people interested to find out more information by speaking with organizers and potentially prompting them to sign up to participate. Organizers can even manage their digital signs from indoors using remote control operations. 

Further, organizations can combine other traditional methods like mailing postcards or printing flyers to use in coordination with digital marketing strategies to really communicate messaging that drives community members to make informed decisions. 

Community outreach in the digital age: Where is it headed?

Digital initiatives constantly change, requiring businesses to stay updated on the latest advances to remain relevant in an increasingly evolving world. Thankfully, digital LED display systems are evolving, too, with new implementations each year. And digital display systems are projected to remain relevant tools for businesses, with the digital signage market anticipated to hit nearly  $41.86 billion by 2030. And since LED signage is designed with sustainability in mind, LED signage uses less energy, is resistant to environmental factors that typically damage other signage, and is made of recyclable material, so businesses can feel good about using LED digital signage

Partnering with Keyser

As a family-owned business with nearly 60 years of industry history, we understand the importance of connecting with your community. In doing so, we offer full-service digital signage solutions from start to finish. From integration, deployment and ongoing maintenance, we’ll help you determine the right LED display board for your needs while properly integrating technologies and offering around the clock support to ensure smooth system functionality with warranty options so you can feel comfortable investing in a high-quality, effective product. 

We offer various signage options, including kiosks, window units, wayfinding signage, video walls, and more! We serve the needs of businesses and communities across various industries, including retail, hospitality, transportation, education, and healthcare. We believe our digital signage solutions have the power to foster positive social change by uniting communities and spreading awareness about critically important issues and events. With multiple partners and software providers, we have the best LED display solutions to suit your outreach needs. Whether you’re looking to implement indoor or outdoor signage, we want to help you create custom, engaging, and highly-effective signage solutions for your community outreach efforts. 

In a world where digital connectivity is the number one way to capture an audience, LED digital signage is an effective and valuable messaging tool for community outreach. Whether you’re looking for indoor LED signage or large outdoor LED displays, your messaging will be crisp, eye-catching, and informative, helping your organization reach its full potential with its outreach efforts. 

If you’re ready to implement an LED display board and enhance your community outreach efforts, contact Keyser today!


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