Can Digital Dealer Signage Boost Sales?

Can Digital Dealer Signage Boost Sales?

Can Digital Dealer Signage Boost Sales?

  • On November 17, 2023

Auto dealerships are no strangers to the world of advertising. In fact, the fate of their success depends on it. And informational dealer signage is just one step further in the right direction toward profit. 

Utilizing digital signage in an increasingly technologically advanced world offers car dealerships many positive advantages. From increasing brand awareness to providing a unique way to promote special offers and deals, car dealership signs help communicate messages in an innovative and fascinating way, but can digital dealer signage increase sales?

In short, yes – and the possibilities are endless. Digital signs spread awareness using dynamic visuals to entice potential customers to learn more, often leading to conversion. And while not every lead turns into a sale, digital signage gives your dealership a competitive edge, offering a captivating way to showcase promotions and sales.

This blog will discuss the value of investing in digital signage for dealerships and the many ways this innovative technology can boost sales.


The Power of First Impressions: Using Digital Dealer Signage

In the auto dealership world, first impressions are everything. After all, many customers purchase vehicles simply based on how they look. The same motive can be applied to an auto dealer

When a dealership has a welcoming demeanor, it captures potential customer’s attention. But in an increasingly digital world, the majority of the car-buying process is completed online, as consumers can conduct research right from their smartphones. Luckily, 80% of car buyers still prefer to visit car dealerships in person despite these advances.

The potential for in-person sales is vast, but dealerships must find innovative methods of grabbing their audience’s attention in a painstakingly competitive market. That’s where digital signage comes in. 

While older advertising methods, such as, window graphics and building signs are still compelling visuals, consider combining the tried and true marketing methods with technologically advanced ones. For example, implement a-frames with eye-catching lettering along with high-quality digital screens. Modern and sleek digital displays enhance the overall aesthetics of a dealership  while still giving your dealership a trusting and wholesome atmosphere. 


Benefits of Using Digital Dealer Signage to Increase Sales

Car dealerships rely on profitable sales to remain competitive. Effective digital dealer signage can offer the following advantages.

1. Enhanced Visibility

Outdoor signs grab the attention of drivers and pedestrians, increasing foot traffic to dealerships and incentivizing drivers to reconsider their current vehicle. Utilizing double-sided digital signage helps captivate bystanders from both directions, increasing your odds of more sales. Once on your lot, use wayfinding signs and floor decals to guide potential buyers to a salesperson. 

2. Personalized Marketing

Marketing efforts need a personalized approach to cater to the right target market in order to increase sales. Digital signage allows users to create tailored messages and promotions based on customer demographics and behavior. 

3. Highlight Sales and Promotions 

Marketing current offers and upcoming sales is the best way to incentivize customers to purchase a new vehicle. However, many consumers are busy with day-to-day life and do not have time to research the latest offers. Outdoor dynamic displays can showcase special offers, discounts, and financing options in real time to entice potential buyers. Content can be updated and scheduled to ensure accuracy, so dealers will never miss a sales opportunity. 

4. Event Promotion

Onsite dealer signage helps advertise dealership events like holiday sales, test drive events, or service specials to attract more visitors. Promoting scheduled events using message boards invites new customers into your store while offering a fun and friendly atmosphere customers will be thrilled to be a part of. Dealerships can also utilize inflatables, pole banners, large vinyl banners, vehicle graphics, and car sign stickers to add to the inviting mood, making guests feel more comfortable choosing your location. It also presents opportunities to follow up with a lead by offering your business card, allowing them to contact you when they’re ready. 

5. Seasonal Campaigns

Nothing says holidays like a new car as the perfect gift. Or at least, that’s what your messaging could say when implementing seasonal campaigns into your digital signage. With easily customizable messaging, dealers can tailor their marketing messages and graphics for different seasons and holidays to stay relevant to the current buying market.

With endless benefits to a digital signage strategy, dealerships can take advantage of lucrative sales opportunities. 

Elevating the Showroom Experience

As important as it is to entice consumers on the outside of your dealership, ensuring you have an engaging showroom experience on the inside is just as important. The key to creating an immersive showroom is to have clear, informative messaging readily available for customers. They’ve taken the time to view potential cars outside; now it’s time to seal the deal. 

Customers are either looking for further information regarding a specific vehicle or are still trying to figure out what they want. An inviting showroom allows customers to see their dream vehicle up close to truly get a feel for what it would be like to own it. 

The following digital signage options help elevate a showroom experience for potential buyers

High-Resolution Screens

When considering dealership signage, incorporate top-quality, high-resolution screens with short, captivating content to capture the attention of potential buyers. Clear images make the latest models and features look more appealing, helping to improve overall conversion rates. Unlike static signs that never change, digital displays can be updated to display updated sales events and offers, showing real-time inventory status, including available models and colors.

LCD Video Walls

Liquid crystal display (LCD) video walls are made up of several panels arranged in a grid to create one cohesive image. While large wall murals once dominated a car dealerships‘ aesthetic, LCD screen walls are taking the lead with the ability to display ever-changing, custom content that can help increase your business’s marketing and branding opportunities. Direct-view LCD video walls are gaining even more traction than the standard LCD wall, as the innovative design has minimal to no bezels between each panel, creating a seamless image without black lines to hinder the viewing experience. Imagine a customer entering your dealership and seeing the latest model zooming past the screen. The immersive experience allows customers to see up-and-coming models up close via a massive, luminous wall. 

Interactive Signs

Touch screen displays give customers an interactive car buying experience from right inside the dealership. Often, customers have several questions throughout the car buying process. Implementing interactive digital signage in your dealership allows customers to search for their dream vehicle in real-time and see it in person shortly after their research, with a qualified professional by their side. It also lets users see models a dealership may not have in stock and set up shipping and delivery right from inside the store. 

Self-Service Kiosks

Interactive kiosks give customers easy access to detailed product information, helping them make informed decisions. Users can add and view carts and save options for future reference. Self-service kiosks can also promote lead generation by collecting customer information for future marketing efforts.

Turn Clients into Car Owners: An Effective Digital Sign Strategy

90% of the information transmitted to the human brain is visual. It takes only milliseconds to recognize an image, meaning your dealership has nearly a second to grasp the attention of a potential lead. 

Digital dealer signage allows automotive dealers to create captivating, immersive designs that instantly capture potential car buyers’ attention. And using various signage tactics and strategies can help you get there. For example, consider implementing the following in your digital signage

Testimonials and Reviews: Displaying a variety of positive testimonials and reviews builds trust with potential buyers by seeing real-life success stories. 

Sales Team Support: Sales teams can benefit from tools like self-service kiosks to assist in customer consultations and provide a more efficient car-buying experience. 

Upselling Opportunities: Highlight added-features or premium packages to display more options that customers may not have considered before. 

Brand consistency: Ensure that branding and messaging are consistent across all signage, both inside and outside the dealership.

Dealerships with advanced digital signage can stand out and appear more technologically savvy than other dealerships, offering a competitive edge unmatched by other competitors. Digital signage can also be more cost-effective and eco-friendly than traditional printed materials, as flyers and other advertising materials will need to be reprinted with each new inventory update. 


Partner With Keyser

Given the extensive technical complexities and diverse options, it may seem intimidating to implement digital dealer signage. But with the help of Keyser, you can be on your way to implementing the best advertising techniques and signage solutions to boost sales fast. 

At Keyser, we have over 50 years of experience in helping businesses integrate digital signage into their business. From massive LCD video walls to powerful outdoor signage, we’ll help you take your dealership to the next level with custom signs unmatched by any other competitors. 

We achieve this level of service through unparalleled service offerings. We’ll handle each aspect of signage implementation, from the initial installation step to content and maintenance management. You can trust that your dealer signs are in the hands of esteemed professionals with years of industry knowledge. 

Ready to increase your car sales? Contact sales at Keyser to get started today, and we’ll install your next digital dealer signage right on your car lot



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