Drive More Sales With Dealership Digital Signage

Drive More Sales With Dealership Digital Signage

Drive More Sales With Dealership Digital Signage

  • On March 20, 2023

As some of the most digitally advanced businesses, car dealerships should be on the top list of digital signage usage. Digital signage is a force multiplier that can revolutionize any automotive dealership into a leading brand in the market. For example, investing in digital signage technology will improve the overall customer experience in a number of ways, ultimately boosting customer conversions and driving up sales.

However, an element of mystery still engulfs how car dealers can apply this technology in the workplace and how digital signs can modernize their showrooms. This guide explores potential opportunities you can leverage and explains the benefits to your car dealership by focusing on:

  • The application of digital signage technology in automobile dealerships.
  • The types of digital signage that you can install to enhance customer experience and drive sales within your organization.

How You Can Use Dealership Digital Signage

As an auto dealer, you are often confronted with the challenge of convincing potential clients about the value of your car models. You must also actively seek ways of converting your auto repair shop clients into recurring customers.

Tackling such problems requires the integration of advanced digital solutions into your business’s operations that will streamline and modernize the handling of client relationships.

With automotive digital signage software, you have a practical solution with a wide range of applications to help you achieve your business goals. The following are some of the opportunities created by dealership digital signage technology.

  • Enhancing brand image and customer experience through visually appealing and interactive displays: Banking on visually appealing and interactive displays will automatically improve your brand image. Ensure that you use strong visuals because visual messaging performs better than traditional signage. You can always integrate animations, high-quality images, and videos to give your customers an immersive experience.
  • Providing customers with relevant and up-to-date information about vehicles, financing options, and promotions: Digital signage will allow your customers to view your various products and payment methods, as well as promotions and discounts that may enhance brand loyalty in the long run. When a customer walks in, they can easily view all the vehicles on sale, the features, and the details they have to provide to start the purchase process. This capability enhances efficiency by reducing wait time.
  • Improving operational efficiency by allowing for quick and easy updates to pricing, inventory, and other sales information: The use of kiosks, video walls, and other digital display hardware enables you to communicate real-time marketing messages for your car dealership. Consider this an opportunity to sell yourself or push new vehicle models you recently brought into your showroom.
  • Targeting specific audiences with personalized content and advertisements: Targeted advertising is also made possible with digital signage. Your marketing team can develop advertising content that focuses on specific buyer personas, their traits, interests, and preferences. This means you can tailor your messaging to suit particular user groups through contextual advertising. Clients can also use touchscreen displays to learn more about specific vehicle models. In the process, providing individualized content will set you apart from the competition and drive sales, since customers will connect with your products on a personal level. 
  • Boosting sales by highlighting popular/new models and promoting special deals and offers: Digital signage can be attractive, which will allow you to promote special deals and speak to some of the best-performing car models in the market. For example, you can start offering free car wash services with the sale of certain cars or use digital signage to promise dog-friendly test drives. This augments your sales team’s ability to close deals much more quickly.
  • Offering a more engaging and interactive experience for customers compared to traditional static signage: The problem with traditional signage is its static nature, meaning they have less visual appeal. However, digital signage uses audio, video, RSS feeds, web applications, and other multimedia messaging to create immersive experiences for customers.
  • Generating data and analytics on customer interactions and preferences, allowing for further improvement and customization of the customer experience: You can use data and analytics collected to track how customers interact with your messages and learn the products and services they most resonate with. You can then use these insights to improve your messaging and create more immersive experiences for them.
    • Examples of data that you can collect include the following.
      • Customer engagement data, such as the most preferred screens and how many customers interact with your messages
      • Demographic data such as age, gender, and location
      • Sales data such as the most popular car models and promotions that have been driving the most sales
      • Customer feedback covering dealership experience and potential areas for improvement
  • Displaying testimonial content from past customers who are happy with their experience at the dealership: Finally, you can ask for testimonials from past clients and display these on your car dealership screens. This enables you to cultivate trust and credibility and builds rapport with new clients.

Types of Digital Signage to Leverage at Car Dealerships


The following are the main types of digital signage that can help improve customer engagement and overall car dealership experience. 


You can install self-service kiosks to provide interactive solutions to your customers. These kiosks feature user-friendly interfaces and can shorten the customer’s wait time.

These facilities can modernize your car dealership in several ways, such as by:

  • Increasing order accuracy.
  • Reducing labor costs.
  • Changing automobile prices in real-time.
  • Up-selling more effectively.

Video walls

These are multi-displays that contain several screens joined together to create a larger display. Video walls are typical LCD or LED displays that create engaging customer experiences through static advertisements or moving and flashing lettering or video.

In-window units

In-window units can replace vinyl clings to provide high-bright digital displays. Like any other digital signage that you might use, these resources offer visually appealing displays from where you can communicate events and specials both inside and outside the building. You can even integrate optional touch screens to improve the overall experience.

Interactive signage

Finally, you can install interactive digital signage and touchscreen displays to create one-of-a-kind experiences for your clients. Use these to grab attention and enhance your brand awareness among existing and prospective customers. Of course, you can always try out unique designs and sizes and use them for advertising, mapping, and as directories within indoor and outdoor settings.

Installing Digital Signage at Your Car Dealership


This guide shows how you can take advantage of digital signage to drive sales and enhance profitability within your car dealership business. Digital signage is a force multiplier that can revolutionize any automotive dealership into a leading brand in the market.

Through the use of digital displays, you can:

  • Enhance brand image and customer experience.
  • Provide customers with relevant and up-to-date information.
  • Improve operational efficiency.
  • Target specific audiences with personalized content and advertisements from your salespeople.
  • Boost sales by highlighting essential goings on.
  • Offer an engaging and interactive experience for customers.
  • Generate data and analytics on customer interactions and preferences.
  • Display testimonial content from past customers.

If you’re interested in a digital signage solution for your car dealership, contact Keyser to get started. At Keyser, we can enhance your brand by leveraging the knowledge we have learned through years of customer-focused pursuits. We can create products and solutions for any space, including your car dealership business.



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