7 Tips to Elevate the Digital Signage Customer Experience

7 Tips to Elevate the Digital Signage Customer Experience

7 Tips to Elevate the Digital Signage Customer Experience

  • On February 6, 2023

One of the primary goals for any business is always to attract new customers. However, what most of them don’t know is that it’s equally important to keep their existing customers happy. 

With that said, one of the best ways of keeping today’s digital-savvy customers happy while also bringing in new ones is by elevating the digital signage customer experience. You can use digital signage technology to catch your customers’ attention by tailoring your displays to match your customers’ interests. Also, you can use digital signs to improve your in-store experience by providing customers with all the information they need about your products and/or services. So how exactly can you do this? 

You invested in digital signage technology. Now it’s time to make sure that investments pay off. Here are some ways you can make the most of digital signage technology to create an elevated customer experience. 

1. Interactive Content 

While any digital content is more engaging than static content, customers are more likely to view interactive messaging. Using digital signage tools such as interactive touchscreen and digital signage software to display interactive content gives your customers a more personalized experience by enabling them to control the content they can view on the screen and how they view it. Consequently, doing this equips your brand with unique dynamic content that helps improve your customer engagement. 

Ensure that you create content that resonates with your customers. When your customers feel that whatever is being displayed was meant for them, they’ll have a more personalized experience interacting with it. After all, we all like seeing our interests being valued

2. Memorable Branding 

Create a unique brand experience with your digital signage. You can do this by getting creative with your digital signs, so they offer a memorable digital experience. Set yourself apart from other businesses by embracing digital screens that have brand colors, imagery, and content that’s unique to your business. Whether you decide to use a digital touchscreen or any other form of digital signage, ensure you make it memorable so that whenever your audience sees it, they think of your brand. 

3. Use QR Codes

QR codes have a wide range of uses in the digital signage industry. The simplicity of adding a QR code to any form of digital signage is one of the fundamental reasons behind the widespread adoption of this touchless technology. 

You can provide QR codes to digital signage so potential customers can easily access online menus, coupons, product promotions, reward programs, wayfinding maps, webpages, and more. To use QR codes, your customers will need to have a QR code scanner app on their mobile devices. Fortunately, most people have these apps, thanks to online payment features.  

4. Video 

Think about how much digital content we consume is video. Customers may walk past digital signage with simple graphics, but the continuous movement of the video format is what captures their attention. 

One fun idea to try: product tutorial videos. You could display eye-catching videos on your digital signage offering information about your products, including a step-by-step guide on how to use them. This way, customers will have an easier time using it because they have actually seen how the product works rather than reading about it. 

There are a number of ways you can use digital signage videos to enhance customer experience. For instance, you could use video walls to make great first impressions with potential customers in high-foot-traffic areas such as hotel lobbies and more. When creating content to display on your video walls, ensure that your playlist aspect ratio matches the virtual display. 

5. Product Catalogs 

For retail and grocery stores, a digital product catalog gives customers access to all the relevant information about a product, so they know they’re getting exactly what they want. Customers can explore all the available options from the catalog and decide which product best suits their needs.

Implementing a digital product catalog in retail stores offers limitless potential in terms of improving customer engagement and ensuring that customers get the ultimate retail experience. Digital product catalogs allow customers to personalize and interact with various products in engaging ways, thereby providing them with a seamless digital experience. 

As a result, the customers will want to engage with your brand more, allowing you to capitalize on significant opportunities to drive profits. 

6. Self-Service 


Self-service kiosks are fast becoming commonplace in the retail industry. From ordering drinks and fast food, self-service kiosks are becoming increasingly popular across industries, taking over tasks that businesses initially needed to hire staff to complete. 

And while the obvious benefit of self-service kiosks is to improve operational efficiency, they can also help businesses improve customer satisfaction, especially their intuitive nature that helps streamline customer interactions. This consequently results in customers making faster purchase decisions. 

You can use self-service kiosks to reduce the perceived wait times, improve customer order accuracy, and give customers more checkout options. Self-service kiosks also minimize the need for human contact, ensuring excellent experiences for customers who prefer minimal socialization. 

7. Entertainment 

People get bored of constant advertising and sometimes just want to be entertained. Display live TV, stream live events, fun videos, games, etc., on your digital signage. This creates an environment where customers will remember having fun interacting with your brand. 

Entertaining your potential customers can help improve their customer journey. This is because it can help shorten your customer’s perceived wait times by giving them something to focus on as they wait in line for your product or service. Moreover, entertaining your customers can cheer them up, significantly boosting the customer experience you create within the store. 

When creating digital displays for entertaining your customers, ensure that it not only delights but resonates with your target audience. Ensure your brand is not associated with offensive shows or competitor adverts. Remember, what you display will significantly impact how potential customers perceive your brand and their relationship with it. If possible, you could display real-time entertainment content on video walls and other digital display platforms. 

Bonus Tip: Wayfinding 


You don’t want your customers spending hours looking for where to get the services or products you offer. An excellent way of ensuring that your customers have a great experience is to focus on their speed and satisfaction while in your store. Provide easy-to-understand wayfinding signage so customers can easily navigate throughout your store.

The wayfinding signage should eliminate customer frustration by providing interactive displays directing customers where they can get the service they’re looking for, so they can comfortably navigate your premises, even if it’s their first time visiting it. 

Wayfinding can be used in various establishments, including restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, sports arenas, hotels, etc., to help customers get to where they want to be in the fastest and most convenient way possible. 

In Conclusion

Digital signs can effectively elevate your digital signage customer experience. From delivering interactive content and improving the efficiency of customer interactions to reducing perceived wait times and entertaining customers, there are numerous ways digital signage can ensure you provide the ultimate customer experience for your customers. 

Need help creating effective digital signage to improve your customer experience? Keyser can help. We are a global digital signage company with over five decades of experience delivering excellent digital signage products. Contact Keyser today to learn more about investing in digital signage technology for your business. 


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