Digital Directional Signage: How Investing in Navigation Tools is a Brand Differentiator

Digital Directional Signage: How Investing in Navigation Tools is a Brand Differentiator

Digital Directional Signage: How Investing in Navigation Tools is a Brand Differentiator

  • On February 13, 2023

In business, the first impression you make matters a lot. It can determine whether or not you get a new customer. One way businesses can make a lasting positive impression is by implementing digital signage solutions to help customers easily get to different places or locate various products they offer.

It’s important that when people enter your premises (be it a mall, shopping center, superstore, healthcare facility, etc.), they can easily navigate where they’re looking to go. Digital directional signage solutions can help your customers find their way to different areas within your premises without requesting help at the reception desk. 

With that said, while static directional signage may still be the norm, their usefulness is running dry compared to what digital directional signage offers. Traditional static signage that offers no movement or digital content can only provide limited assistance and engagement with customers. That’s why the topic of discussion for today is digital directional signage and why investing in them can help your business stand out from its competition. 

Benefits of Wayfinding Digital Signage 

As a business owner, you always want your business to attract new customers, retain existing customers, and grow. By installing wayfinding signage solutions in your building, you’ll enjoy the following benefits that can help you towards those ends: 

1. Engage with guests

Interactive wayfinding solutions have become vital for improving customer engagement and providing satisfactory customer experiences. In an era where customer engagement plays a part in the success of a business, it’s important to implement the right solution to keep customers interested in your brand and messaging. Wayfinding signages use interactive touchscreens to connect with guests, giving them more viewing options and presenting them with directions in a more comprehensive way. For instance, you can use digital signage software for content management, allowing your brand to better connect with guests through motion graphics, animation, and touchscreen technology. 

Touchscreen wayfinding signage also allows your business to use interactive screens to display comprehensive directions for both within and outside your building. The map should help guests navigate their way within your facility and locate their destination easily. If possible, the digital maps and guides should be downloadable on their mobile device so as to give them an extra layer of control and access to where they are and where they need to get to.  

2. Provide full Context 

Instead of static signs with arrows pointing to sections of a building/store, viewing a full digital directory with the layout of the building allows customers to plan their route through the location. Directional digital signage solutions allow customers to familiarize themselves with their surroundings and easily move from where they are to where they want to be. Depending on your business, you can incorporate wayfinding kiosks or interactive digital signage screens into your wayfinding system, allowing you to offer a clear view of your floor plan. You can provide recommended routes to various destinations along with a 3D map with visual cues to help your guests to get to where they want to go. 

By providing a full context of everything customers/guests need to know in terms of directions to different locations, you’ll eliminate the anxiety and confusion most of them experience when they need to navigate their way around your premises. 

3. Associate your brand with a high-quality visitor experience 

We all know the dreadful feeling of walking into an unfamiliar space and not knowing where to go next. Wayfinding solutions such as digital displays and wayfinding maps can offer a convenient and user-friendly way of solving this problem. These solutions can provide you with all the information as well as the direction you need to easily get to where you want to be. 

Consumers/guests will remember having a stress-free experience navigating your building and will associate your brand with a high-quality customer experience. And when visitors have a good experience with your band, they are more likely to do business with you again and can even recommend other people to your brand. 

Conversely, if customers have a stressful experience navigating your building, they are not only likely to do business with you but can also leave negative reviews about you. Given the importance of customer reviews for modern businesses, you always want your brand to be associated with a high-quality visitor experience for it to get positive reviews. 

4. Double as a messaging tool

Digital directional signage solutions aren’t just for sharing directions to various places in your building; they can perform more than one function at a time. You can use digital directional tools to share in-demand information with visitors in streamlined ways, ensuring they know what they want to know right when they want to know it. So you can display new promotions and product information in a digital setting to reach customers effectively. 

Whereas the 3D lettering in most wayfinding signage may seem more subtle than other advertising tools, they can effectively draw in prospective customers. When used strategically, wayfinding solutions can not only attract but direct clients to your business. Moreover, they can build your brand experience and improve your brand story. 

You can also share news or updates about your facility and even advertise other businesses (which can generate additional revenue). 

5. Build a brand identity 

While wayfinding signs are predominantly used to offer directions for guests from one point to another, they can also help build brand identity. Beyond helping people get around to various places within your premises, wayfinding should be inspired and more connected to your brand such that it gives visitors a sense of your unique personality. 

Before implementing your digital directional signage strategy, you should create rules. Determine the symbols to display, the colors to use, and other ways to incorporate your brand into your digital wayfinding markers and signage. Taking this approach will not only ensure you provide direction and general information, but it also promotes commitment and consistency to customers and guests. 

The tactile and experimental takeaways that customers have with your business build a positive brand identity in their minds. If they remember their visit as a modernized, convenient, and enjoyable experience, they associate your brand with those qualities. Simply put, connecting your brand to your wayfinding system offers a positive memory of your brand’s image and space.

All of the above benefits that come from wayfinding signage can set your business/organization apart from the competition.

Differentiate from Competitors with Wayfinding Digital Solutions 

While most businesses still use static wayfinding signage, these tools aren’t as effective as digitized wayfinding tools. Needless to say, you need to implement digital wayfinding signage solutions to gain a competitive edge in your industry. 

When you implement digital directional signage solutions in your premise, it doesn’t only offer the directions and information your visitors need. This technology sets a clear difference between your business and your competitors.Visitors are going to remember the ease of use associated with advanced wayfinding technology, setting you apart from other businesses in their memory.

Despite the prevalence of digital signage, a developed network of digital wayfinding is still rare to see, even in large buildings (where they’re most needed). If you want to take your wayfinding to the next level, Keyser can help. Keyser is a global digital signage company with over 50 years of experience, delivering high-quality digital signage products to large and small businesses. We also offer installation and digital signage product maintenance services. 

Contact Keyser today to learn more about investing in digital wayfinding technology and other digital signs for your business. 



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