Theme park digital signage to increase visitor engagement

Theme park digital signage to increase visitor engagement

Theme park digital signage to increase visitor engagement

  • On January 6, 2023

The application of outdoor and indoor digital signage within business premises has increased over the years. Organizations such as restaurants, drive-through outlets, museums, retail stores, corporate spaces, and even churches are now working with digital signage companies to enhance customer experience, engagement, and overall service delivery.

Another ongoing area of digital display application is at theme parks. Most amusement park businesses are using this technology for customer service, ticketing purposes, offering directions, promoting applications, displaying safety messages, directing customers within retail stores, and as digital menu boards. 

In this guide, we explain everything you need to know about digital signage and how it can enhance your theme park experience. We will cover how to use theme park digital signage, the associated benefits, and how you can get started today by exploring various use cases.

Different Ways To Use Theme Park Digital Signage

Theme parks are renowned for providing top entertainment services for customers. Most people will visit amusement parks to enjoy roller coasters, gift shops, water parks, eateries, and theaters, among other major attractions. As a business owner, you can boost productivity by taking advantage of modern advertising technology. There are several use cases, depending on your needs as a vendor.

In the following sections, we explain the different roles that digital signage can play in an amusement park and how each can help improve customer engagement.

Digital signage for wayfinding kiosks

The one pain point that customers sometimes experience at theme parks is that they can be chaotic and difficult to navigate. You will often find many visitors trying to find their way through the park at any given time. With the struggle of navigating large crowds and a sprawling park, guests appreciate straightforward solutions that help reduce wait times. This is where digital signage comes in.

With wayfinding kiosks, customers and visitors can find their way around theme parks and access relevant information in real-time. So, when customers visit the park for the first time, you can rest assured that these wayfinding kiosks will provide interactive and engaging visitor experiences that enable quick navigation.

Customer service kiosks

Customer service plays an important role in any business’s ability to scale and remain sustainable in the long run. This is because a business that prioritizes the customer experience is more likely to retain existing clients and attract new leads over time.

Within theme parks, guests often have questions regarding service offerings. They may also want to forward their complaints, opinions, comments, or access quick solutions regarding directions and similar issues.

Therefore, a digital customer service kiosk that can answer their questions makes it easier for them and enhances customer engagement and satisfaction.

Ticketing kiosks

A ticketing kiosk is an electronic ticketing solution that has self-service capabilities. Ticketing kiosks are typically touchscreens and handle ticket sales and dispensing via an automated system rather than through live agents.

These tools are ideal for short-staffed theme park owners, as they augment the ability to handle customer demands quickly. Kiosks can even successfully upsell to customers and help to reduce customers’ perceived wait times.

Displaying safety messages 

Safety is always a concern in places that attract sizeable crowds. Although it is incredibly rare, theme park guests have sustained neck, head, brain, back, or head injuries when participating in activities such as roller coaster rides or water parks.

With digital signage, you can ensure that everyone understands your theme park’s safety guidelines by highlighting them on the advertisement boards. And with good content management software, you can continually update and customize your safety guidelines according to recent weather conditions, Covid safety guidelines, etc.

Digital menu boards

Digital menu boards are ideal for brand differentiation, especially within restaurants and similar establishments found within theme parks. However, sometimes food court areas can get hectic due to numerous people waiting to be served at any given time.

With digital signage like fast food ordering kiosks, you can augment the guest experience by letting them know the various food items offered throughout the day.

Promoting apps and other digital services

Another application of digital signage within theme parks is the ability to promote applications and other technologies owned by your business. 

For example, you might want to push a mobile booking and payment software. Rather than investing in other complex or relatively expensive advertising campaigns, you can always use digital signage to get the message out there, which also enhances interactions and helps you promote new application features.

Directing customers in retail stores

The final usage is leveraging digital signage within theme park retail stores. High-traffic retail outlets become better placed to offer interactivity messages that communicate important messages like discounts and product information when they use digital signage technology.

The Benefits of Digital Signage Usage at Your Theme Park


Now that we have looked at the various applications of digital signage within theme parks, let’s now explain some of the associated benefits to your business.

Increased visitor engagement

Kiosks and other digital signage in theme parks enhance their experience and allow them to engage with the brand in a new and modernized way that is being witnessed across businesses of all types and sizes.

Rather than relying on traditional methods, such as the use of tour guides, it is more convenient for the customer when they can receive multiple messages at the same time or have their concerns addressed in real-time.

The provision of personalized experiences

Customers can easily get distracted and confused by the hundreds of advertisement features or messages on display when they visit a theme park. This can also prove inefficient in the long run since the right messages might be reaching the wrong target audience.

So, how can you solve this problem with digital signage screens?

First, these technologies provide personalized digital content that may encourage them to try new rides, games, or booths. This can be beneficial in the long run since, when placed in the right places, customers who didn’t know about or wouldn’t have previously tried a certain service or product may become interested.

Secondly, ticketing kiosks and digital menu boards are interactive, which offers much-needed personalization. When customers feel part of the interactive process, they become more satisfied, enhancing customer loyalty in the process.

The ability to draw guests to specific attractions

As with any other form of advertising, digital signage displays messages regarding a specific service or product to the target audience.

For example, strategically placed advertising boards can bring in more customers when a vendor wants to promote a new roller coaster ride. This offers convenience since the messages are digitized and controlled from a centralized or cloud-based location, making it the best way to promote awareness.

Contact Keyser Today Regarding Theme Park Digital Signage

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At Keyser, we specialize in designing, installing, and maintaining digital signage solutions for all businesses. We provide our services globally and have more than 50 years of expertise in this field. We focus on improving brand awareness and providing customer-centric solutions that will improve productivity for your business in the long term.



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