Everything You Need to Know About Kiosk Installation

Everything You Need to Know About Kiosk Installation

Everything You Need to Know About Kiosk Installation

  • On December 23, 2022

Kiosk installation can be a worthwhile endeavor that can set your business apart from the pack. Kiosks are used for different purposes in all kinds of businesses. You might encounter a touchscreen self-service kiosk at a fast food restaurant, a ticketing kiosk at a Broadway show, or even an art kiosk installation. The possibilities are continually expanding along with innovation in varying industries. But no matter what industry you’re in, kiosk installation is a crucial part of the implementation. Even if you’ve previously installed kiosks, you’ll realize that there are a number of challenges to navigate if you want the installation to run seamlessly. 

Successfully installing a new kiosk can be the difference between a profitable launch and an unfruitful one. That’s why it’s vital to have the right kiosk installation team on your side. In this post, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about kiosk installation and why Keyser’s digital signage installation services are right for your business.

Why is Installation Quality Important? 

The quality of technology is not the only thing that matters; quality installation services are just as important. With quality kiosk installation, your business efficiency will improve, sales will increase, customer satisfaction will improve, and you will be able to better collect customer behavior data. In addition, quality installation will ensure that you face very few maintenance issues.

That said, installation quality is a major differentiator between digital signage companies. You need to partner with a company that can comprehensively take you through the installation process and ensures that your kiosk runs smoothly, especially if it’s your first time investing in a digital signage kiosk. And that’s Keyser for you. We are a global digital signage company with over 50 years of experience delivering digital signage products, installation, and maintenance services.

What Does Keyser Do for Installation Work 


Whether you are looking for a partner for your digital signage project or a nationwide installation and service partner, Keyser can help. Here’s an outline of what we do for a high-quality kiosk installation:

Project management 

Sound project management is vital to a successful digital signage or kiosk installation. This entails taking care of every little detail, including the number of kiosks you’ll need to meet visitor demand, where the kiosks will be located, how you’ll provide connectivity, how you’ll accommodate various users, and so on. 

At Keyser, we have extensive experience managing kiosk installation projects, handling everything to ensure we pull off a clean installation. Our project management constitutes industry experts trained to help clients with every aspect of the project. 

There are several moving parts in digital kiosk installation—our project management team will be with you all the way, including during hardware sourcing, site preparation, hardware testing, and coordination of the physical installation. Keyser takes care of everything so our clients can focus on their core value drivers. 

Communication with key stakeholders and licensees and conducting site surveys

The location of your kiosk is important, and we often help our clients find a suitable location. We ensure there’s ample space in front of the display so that a wheelchair can easily maneuver from the front of the kiosk. 

We also complete all the site surveys to ensure that no water, gas, or electrical lines are near the holes that will be drilled. Moreover, we also communicate with property owners to seek their authorization and obtain necessary permits to ensure the installation is in full accordance with all the laws. 

Work with a nationwide network of qualified contractors, installers, and technicians

Keyser utilizes a nationwide network of industry experts to provide a high standard of service regardless of where our clients are located in the country. With us, you can rest easy knowing that no matter where you are in the country, qualified contractors, installers, and technicians will handle your digital kiosk installation. 


Ak Keyser, we understand that kiosk installation requires preparation and planning. As such, we schedule every task in the kiosk installation process right from the site survey & preparation to the actual physical installation of the kiosk. By doing this, we ensure that every task gets the attention it needs so that the installation becomes successful. 

Permitting and variance management

Signage installation regulations can be frustrating and time-intensive to navigate, and the fear of rejected permit applications often leads to businesses abandoning their plans of investing in digital kiosks. 

When you partner with Keyser, we will handle everything to do with permitting. We will also handle any variances in the project to ensure that it’s completed on time and in the best way possible. 

Equipment orders, kitting, and logistics

The trick to a successful kiosk installation lies in ensuring that you get the right hardware and software that fits perfectly with your existing infrastructure. Keyser has been in the digital signage industry for over five decades and knows where to acquire the right equipment for a successful kiosk installation. We all take care of the kitting and logistics processes so that you can focus on other important things. 

Site prep

Site prep is crucial when preparing to install a kiosk, especially in the case of outdoor kiosks. Keyser helps with scheduling site evaluations and prepping the site for installation. We prep the site with a level concrete foundation to ensure that the kiosk has stable ground on where to stand. We also prepare the site to ensure your kiosk is protected from various weather elements. 

Audit process management to ensure consistent quality 

Regardless of how smooth the kiosk installation process may seem, there’s always a likelihood that a given process wasn’t completed as expected or there are some integration issues. That’s why we have a policy of ensuring that the installation meets the highest standards at Keyser. We audit the entire installation pressure to ensure consistent quality and that there are no mishaps. 

Fast response to resolving follow-up issues 

Nothing kills a customer’s enthusiasm for using a self-service kiosk than walking into one and finding a notice indicating that a unit is out of order. Keyser understands that when kiosks stop functioning, it will not only impact your productivity but can end up tarnishing your reputation. That’s why we always strive to quickly resolve any issues that may arise with your kiosks so they can remain operational at all times. 

Contingency plan, plus efficient management of unforeseen issues

However efficient a kiosk installation process may go, there’s always a likelihood that some unforeseen issues may arise during the process. Such unforeseen issues may hamper the successful completion of the installation process. 

We don’t want anything to interfere with the kiosk installation process. We, therefore, always develop a contingency plan for dealing with unforeseen issues that may arise during the installation process. Moreover, we offer maintenance services to ensure that your kiosk is in perfect working condition. 

Visit our digital signage installation services page to learn more about our installation services. 

What Else Should You Know? 

Besides the installation services outlined above, you should also know that: 

We’ll install your digital signage even if you don’t buy from us 

Most digital signage companies offer installation services only when you buy from them. Keyser doesn’t have such restrictions. We will install your digital signage kiosk regardless of whether or not you bought from us. 

Digital kiosks are upgradable

As technology continues to advance, so does the capability of digital kiosks. For instance, digital kiosks are now touchless. When new features become available, it is possible to upgrade your digital kiosk so it can have those features instead of opting for an entirely different installation. An industry-leading digital signage company like Keyser can help you with all the upgrades you may want to include in your digital kiosks. 

Contact Keyser Today for Kiosk Installation

Are you ready to invest in a digital kiosk? Let the professionals help you. Our team at Keyser can handle everything to do with the installation, including onsite project management and scheduling for your project, so you don’t have to. You can be sure you will get quality installation services when you partner with us. Contact us today to get started.


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