When Digital Outdoor Displays Fell Short, We Designed Our Own

When Digital Outdoor Displays Fell Short, We Designed Our Own

When Digital Outdoor Displays Fell Short, We Designed Our Own

  • On November 17, 2022

As technology advances, digital signage continues to become the standard for many industries, notably in the food and restaurant industry, retail, and more. Due to the prevalence of digital media in our lives, thanks to social media and evolving technology that makes digital media accessible in many formats, it’s no wonder the digital signage market is expected to hit the $41.86 billion mark by 2030. However, while several new and emerging digital display technologies exist, some have fallen short of meeting the prevailing digital outdoor advertising needs. At Keyser, we saw a need in the industry for something better and decided to design a digital outdoor advertising solution that’s on par with what businesses need.

So before hopping on the trend and buying a digital display solution, ask yourself whether the signage solution you are considering is on par with the best in the market. Evaluate your business needs and whether this technology will meet them. In this blog, you’ll learn more about our solution and how it differentiates itself from others on the market. But before we dive into that, here is a quick look at what an outdoor digital signage display is. 

What is an Outdoor Digital Signage Display?

Outdoor digital signage is a digital display designed for out-of-home advertising. It is built to withstand various elements, including sun, rain, and wind. Outdoor displays usually have anti-reflective and protective glass and have considerably high brightness compared to indoor displays. 

While initially, outdoor digital signage was characterized by simple text displays, today it has evolved into a multimedia player that can display graphics, video, real-time TV, billboard advertising, interactive content, and more. Here are a few examples of common outdoor signage displays:

How is Keyser Different from Signage Designs of the Past?

Going digital with outdoor signage means you’re making the choice to invest in an efficient and reliable digital signage solution. And while there may be no such thing as the “perfect software,” Keyser’s outdoor digital signage offers you the best hardware you can ask for. Here are some of the things that make our solution stand out from the rest.

Fanless outdoor displays

The inclusion of a built-in fan in outdoor digital signs design can significantly impact how the display works and the issues you may encounter in the future. Most outdoor digital displays come with an in-built fan whose purpose is to keep the interior LCD cabinet from overheating—the fan is meant to do this by expelling hot air and bringing in cool air. However, this model has become outdated. LCD technology doesn’t need as much cooling as it once did, and an in-built fan presents a significant risk factor, especially if it stops functioning. If this happens, the LCD overheats and bakes all components inside, damaging the whole display unit.

Fans also continuously pull various particles into the LCD enclosure, which could end up damaging it. In addition, depending on the menu board or billboard location, animals can climb into the fans and damage them. Some companies opt to add filters to keep particles and small animals from entering the fans. However, this will not only lead to an additional cost but is also ineffective at addressing all issues since it doesn’t solve the overheating problem. That’s why Keyser’s fanless outdoor display avoids all these potential issues and allows the design to have a slimmer, more compact appearance. 

Avoid Maintenance Issues 

One of the major concerns of using outdoor digital signage with a fan is that they have maintenance issues. Some companies that provide digital signage displays with fans offer a maintenance contract for resolving issues that usually arise with their technology. However, most businesses opt not to sign up for the maintenance contract. This is because they expect the displays to work efficiently with zero or few issues. They also avoid signing the contracts to avoid paying the often considerable maintenance fees associated with these contracts. When an issue arises caused by the fan or something else, such businesses are left with no option other than to incur the usually hefty maintenance fee. 

The fanless design significantly cuts down the possibility of any issues with the digital signage, minimizing the need for maintenance.

Energy Efficiency 

In recent years, sustainability has become a major concern for business leaders, and rightly so. Conservation of energy and other resources not only promotes environmental sustainability but also results in direct financial gains. For example, using less electricity will ensure that your utility bill is lower, allowing you to save. It takes more energy and resources to use certain outdoor digital signage compared to others—digital signage with a fan requires a significant investment in energy, time, and labor. 

Energy efficiency is a critical factor for many businesses, more so since efficient power usage has become an important issue due to the ongoing global climate change. Because of this, you need to ask yourself: How energy efficient is the digital display you are currently using? Is it ensuring that your business plays its part in environmental sustainability? Does it help your business incur lower energy costs? Designs with fans are not only energy-inefficient and are costly to run. Keyser fanless digital signage will help lower your operational cost with efficient energy use. Our most energy-efficient signage is 189 Watts @2500 nits, cutting operational costs. 

Practical Size

Another area where digital signage with fans falls short is that they are bigger and have a more bulky appearance. Eliminating the fan will reduce the overall size of a digital display, giving it a compact and sleek appearance. The Keyser fanless display is sleek enough to fit in a small space and is easy to install. This robust outdoor digital signage display is specially built for retail applications, interactive kiosks, video walls, and more. Depending on your business and the potentially limited space you have available, it’s always important to consider the size of your digital signage installation.

Why Use Our Digital Signage Displays?

Besides the features outlined above, Keyser outdoor digital signage also has the following features: 

  • Excellent image resolution: The first thing a customer will notice when they look at your display are the images, so you should ensure they are high-quality to capture their attention. Our outdoor digital display offers a 1920 x 1080 HD resolution, ensuring that your images are stunning. 
  • Brightness: Unlike indoor display boards, outdoor displays should be highly bright to make them easier to view and read. Keyser’s fanless outdoor digital signage offers high brightness and uses low power. With a brightness of +2500 nit and IP67 rating, you can be sure that our solution will offer your displays enough brightness. Moreover, the displays won’t lose visibility or overheat in the sun. 
  • Color consistency: You shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the visuals that your brand displays. This means ensuring that the digital signage you opt for accurately portrays the colors of your images and videos. It should also present your brand accurately to customers. With our outdoor digital signage solutions, you can be sure of a refined color palette that accurately reflects your brand identity and is consistent throughout your displays. 
  • Contrast ratio: The contrast ratio measures how black and white text stands out against a given background. A signage solution that offers an excellent contrast ratio will make it easier for your customers and audience to read what is on your digital advert. 
  • Operating temperature: It is crucial to know the maximum temperature a digital signage can operate in. Typically, the operational temperature for most outdoor digital signage units is 50C or lower. Keyser surpasses this. Our operational temperature is 60C. 

Upgrade Your Outdoor Digital Signage Displays 

Looking for a custom, highly effective, and engaging outdoor digital signage display that offers high-quality imagery that not only attracts your target audience but also helps your brand connect with them? That’s Keyser’s whole M.O. Need more proof that Keyser digital signage technology is at the top of the market? Check out our case study for the Saugatuck Center for the Performing Arts, which describes how we engineered, manufactured, and installed a signage solution that met SCA’s custom requirements and used 50% less power. Whether you are in the food and restaurant, retail, or any other industry, you can rely on our solution to meet your business needs. Contact Keyser today


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