Why Custom Digital Menu Boards are a Brand Differentiator

Why Custom Digital Menu Boards are a Brand Differentiator

Why Custom Digital Menu Boards are a Brand Differentiator

  • On August 30, 2022

There is a good reason why digital menu boards are gaining increased popularity, especially in fast food restaurants. Given how rapidly the market changes and the evolving nature of consumers, the food service industry needs to level up to help increase sales and profits while simultaneously creating a positive customer experience. If you are still uncertain about going all in on digital menu boards, here we explain not only why they are a worthy investment, but also why custom digital menu board solutions are the way to go.

What is a Digital Menu Board?

 A digital menu board is a modern electronic display of your menu. The menu is displayed on a screen strategically located in or around a restaurant. This can include indoor menus, drive-thru menu boards, etc. Unlike backlit displays and traditional printed menus, you can configure digital displays in a variety of ways, using static and dynamic animation, video, and images to make your content stand out.

Custom vs. Template Digital Menu Boards

When choosing a digital menu board, you can either choose to build on an already existing template or put together a custom design. Although opting to use a digital menu board template sounds like an easier solution, a custom digital menu board design suits your needs better and will likely serve you longer. It’s like the difference between buying a car as is or getting all your preferred modifications added. You know the customized version has everything you want because you worked with a team to design the version of the product that works best for you. In addition, a custom menu board will allow you to include all the features that you think are relevant to your business, distinguishing you from the competition.

The truth is that while template menu boards do perform well and are not bad options at all, no matter how feature-packed a template seems, it will have some design limitations. It gives you a theme packed in a box that you are forced to work with. However, with a custom menu board, the possibilities are only limited by your own creativity. Therefore, if you want to differentiate your brand, a customized digital menu board is the way to go.

Features To Look For In Digital Menu Boards


There is much more to digital menu boards than just displaying menu items. You need to understand the basics of how digital menu displays work, what types of digital signage software to look for, etc. to make an informed investment. Digital menu boards are an effective tool in increasing sales and promoting positive customer experiences, but this will only happen if you invest in the right tools and features. Here are some essential elements you should consider when choosing digital menu boards.

Scheduling Systems

These built-in systems in your displays can be set to automatically release special offers or new menu items at a particular time of day. So, for example, in a QSR setting, you can change the menu items to reflect lunch or dinner without manually adjusting the signage. The feature will save you a lot of time and effort. The scheduling is powered by digital signage software and can also be integrated with other systems to ensure accurate displays. For instance, having the menu only indicate available food items and eliminating the ones that are out of stock.

User-Friendly Interfaces

Like with any other technology, you want to invest in a digital menu board that is easy to operate for both customers and employees. This includes both the hardware and software. The hardware should be easy to put together (although this won’t matter if you’re paying for installation), while the software should be intuitive. Consider getting a system that does not require intensive training to master its use, as this will have additional costs.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Ensure that you are selecting technology with a favorable ROI. The cost of setting up a digital menu board will depend on several things, such as the scale of required displays, the hardware used, and whether the menu is customized or a template. Consider how much you are ready to invest and prioritize the features you cannot compromise on. In addition, you want a menu board that can be up and running in a short amount of time to prevent getting in the way of your business operations, so you also need to consider if you want to work with a digital signage company that offers installation.

Hardware Quality and Convenience

Your hardware will determine the flexibility of your display menus. For example, do you want indoor displays or outdoor displays? If you are using outdoor displays, are they weatherproof, or do you have to invest in protection from the elements? When looking at hardware quality and convenience, you want to ensure that the placement will not affect the performance of your displays. Also, ensure you invest in commercial-grade equipment, so you are not faced with constant costly repairs or replacements.

What Digital Menu Board Features Can You Customize? 

What makes customization such an advantage when it comes to digital menu boards?

Add touch integration 

Adding touch integration to your digital menu boards elevates the interactive experience for the customer. This is an excellent addition if you want to encourage or promote self-service in your restaurant. For indoor menus, instead of going to queue in line to make an order from a static menu, customers can place an order at a self-service kiosk with touch screen capabilities and then proceed to sit and wait for it to be processed.

Digital content displays 

You can customize the design of your displays by adjusting the color of texts, and font style, using realistic images, and creating a movement with dynamic animation. Challenge your imagination to create something that will entice the customers while including all relevant details such as price and number of servings offered.


Making the choice to invest in commercial-grade screens built for the high usage that displays have to endure is a major step up from using TV screens as DIY digital restaurant signage. You can customize the screen to your preferred measurements and aesthetics to suit your needs. A customized screen can also adjust to the quality of lighting in the area where you will place the screen, protection from elements, portability, and ease of installation.

Why are Customizable Digital Menu Boards a Brand Differentiator?


  • Provide a unique customer experience: Customized digital signs showcases your voice and style as a brand, which will help differentiate you from competitors. It allows you to include elements unique to your brand, elevating the end design and helping you stand out among the competition. Also, customized signage can amplify your mission and objectives as a business and push your brand forward.
  • Demonstrate originality: Customers are likely to be drawn to your restaurant since you took the time to create an eye-catching sign, rather than simply replicating other restaurants in the business. Including even one unique thing in your digital displays can increase the chances that a customer will distinctly remember the experience of interacting with your brand.
  • Best features: The more customization you opt for, the more opportunities there are to level up to the highest quality of signage. It’s important to consider what type of digital signage solution would be the most convenient for your customers, as well as what would make the job easier for your employees. With customizations, you can make that possible.

Learn More about Custom Digital Menu Boards

Technology solutions are created every day and night, sometimes making it a confusing process when you need to identify what will work for your business and what will not. Also, a solution may seem significant, but finding the right team to implement it may be challenging. However, considering the benefits of digital menu boards to both the customer and your business, the trouble of finding the right partner to make it happen is worthwhile.

If you are thinking about modernizing your restaurant menu boards and improving the experience for your customers, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you successfully implement custom digital menu boards.


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