Will Workplace Digital Signage be the New Slack?

Will Workplace Digital Signage be the New Slack?

Will Workplace Digital Signage be the New Slack?

  • On May 16, 2022

Remember those early days of quarantine in 2020 when Zoom blew up overnight and Slack became a lifeline for communicating with coworkers? At that time, technology allowed us to work remotely and helped us through the pandemic. Two years later, as many workers are back in offices, we predict that workplace digital signage will revolutionize office culture, similar to how slack changed things during the pandemic.

From Slack to Workplace Digital Signage: How Tech Saves the Day


While working from home throughout the pandemic was an easy adjustment for many people, it was a struggle for others who felt the sense of community bonding and workplace culture was lost over Zoom.

Slack has helped with bonding and increasing morale, especially for remote workers. The issue during the pandemic was how to keep everyone motivated and on the same page when there’s no face-to-face interaction. Slack was the solution to these problems because it provided an interactive platform for workers to stay connected.

As many go back to the office, we believe that workplace digital signage will do the same thing – increase morale and keep everyone on the same page. Since going back to in-person work is not an easy transition for everyone, this may be the solution we’re in dire need of. This integration allows workers to maintain the digital connections built through Slack during the pandemic, while bridging them with in-person experiences.

Workplace Digital Signage: What are the Possibilities?

Digital signage can help bridge the gaps in workplace communication as Slack did during the pandemic, but with increased efficiency. Here are a few functionalities that workplace signage has to offer:

Group Messaging

Bulletin boards were once the only place employees could find important information regarding company updates and reminders. As a result, it was easy for notices to get lost on these boards and for employees to miss critical information. Employers could also never tell if vital messages were reaching their intended audience.

With digital signs, it’s easy to display information in real-time so that employee communications are in a place accessible to everyone and won’t miss critical information or get message overload that eats at their working hours.


There is no need to keep churning out content every time employees need updates. The digital signage software you choose can curate content automatically from scratch or recycle existing messages from the internal communication systems.

You can share basic, regular information like conference room schedules, new policies, and other essential reminders at the touch of a button.


If you have a large space to work with, customers and new employees may get lost around the workplace before getting the hang of the place. As a result, most rely on asking for directions to get to their preferred destination. Digital signage can display directions to different sections, such as the break room and workspaces, so people can quickly access different areas.

Slack Integration

The best thing about digital signage solutions is that it can integrate with multiple workplace communication tools, including apps such as Slack. Once combined, the integrations allow you to manage digital signage content from your workplace dashboards for easier employee engagement.

Content Displays 

Do you want to give regular performance reports and statistics? Or remind employees of an upcoming workplace event and deadlines? Either way, using digital screens to display regular important information makes it stick longer in the minds of those who view it.

Why Digital Signage in the Workplace?


Showing relevant content on your workplace screens can bring many benefits to the business. Some of the advantages an organization and its workforce can realize from adding internal corporate digital signage include:

Improved Internal Communications

We’ve all seen the memes about how many hours of meetings could have been avoided with a simple email. You don’t want to be that boss that schedules a forum for everything. That meeting that could have been an email also could have been communicated through workplace signage.

Use digital signage in the workplace to help maintain the balance between fostering a company culture and keeping everyone on the same page, while not taking up employees’ valuable time. This helps get the word out about important updates quickly and conveniently.

Increased Productivity

Having reminders for important tasks and deadlines on workplace signage motivates workers and keeps them on task. Teams within the organization also coordinate better and faster when they know their respective duties early on.

Digital signage helps show relevant content at any time to ensure workflow never stops and the company meets its bottom line. If employees aren’t performing to standard, these screens can display Google Analytic metrics that shows KPIs to let them know that they need to increase their output.

Promotes Sustainability

Digital signage displays allow you to keep up with the changing times as the world adopts greener policies. Even as most of our work is digital now, many workplaces are still crowded with tons of paper stored in boxes in the storerooms.

Digital signage ensures that you never have to deal with paperwork again. Less printing on paper and using ink produce less waste. In addition, many modern digital signage screens run efficiently, so your energy bills are not through the roof.

Tips for Displaying Digital Signage Content

Digital signage can be implemented in all workplaces, from factories to restaurants and offices, regardless of the size. There’s always room for improving communication in an organization with these signs, provided you know how to use them. 

Here a a few ideas for what content to display on digital signs around the workplace:

Display Important Updates

Sometimes, companies change the existing internal and external structures for long-term growth. Employees need to know about the decisions that affect them directly or indirectly. Use the digital screens around the workplace to share any changes in the company policy with employees.

If there are special announcements, like a new partnership, use the RSS feeds in digital signage to speed up information dissemination so that people can know about them as soon as they happen.

Set Timely Reminders

Employees are humans, so they’re sometimes prone to forgetting things, especially with the intense work and home demands. Remind them of their daily responsibilities through the screens, preferably early in the morning when they arrive at work. This is especially essential if roles in your company change all the time.

Other than that, you can also display digital signs to remind employees of upcoming deadlines and company events like a conference.

Offer Training Content

There’s no need to conduct in-person training for every employee that joins your organization. Such activities usually cost the business time, effort, and money. Instead, display any training material on the digital screens, especially less intensive training sessions that employees can learn just by watching.

Show News and Entertainment

Most organizations don’t realize that digital screens can enhance customer experience. For example, displaying important news segments and entertainment content on your company screens helps keep customers engaged as they wait for service. You can also play some music on the digital signs to make the environment more relaxed.


Digital signage is already facilitating smooth communications in the workplace for many organizations. Get yours installed as soon as possible to reap these and more benefits of workplace digital signage. Contact Keyser today to get started on finding the best digital signage solution for your company.


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