What is the Best TV for Digital Signage?

What is the Best TV for Digital Signage?

What is the Best TV for Digital Signage?

  • On November 3, 2021

Digital signage displays come in many shapes and sizes. And although the diversity in the digital signage market has a lot of upsides, the downside is finding the right type of screen can be an overwhelming amount of information to take in. 

Between digital and commercial displays, different brands, digital signage companies, and use cases, a business looking for signage will absolutely need some guidance. The best way to gain expert guidance is to locate a digital signage company you trust and schedule a consultation. Industry experts consider everything from your budget, messaging needs, and the scale of your business in order to find the best fit for you. 

If you want to do your own research in advance, this blog breaks down the best TV for digital signage displays at every level, so that when you talk to an industry expert, you’ll be informed and ready for them to help you.

Before getting into the finer details, it’s important to remember that there is not necessarily one overarching “best TV for digital signage” for everyone because every business has different signage needs and budget limits. However, there is a best fit for you, and knowing more about the options available on the signage market will help you find your ideal screen.

Consumer vs. Commercial TVs

The first decision you’ll make when beginning your search for the best TV for digital signage is whether to go commercial or consumer with your TV. The difference between the two may not be obvious at first, but there are major disparities in performance and process.

A commercial screen is designed specifically for digital signage displays and intended for use in businesses like restaurants, retail stores, malls, supermarkets, hospitals, college campuses, stadiums, etc. Essentially, commercial screens are suitable for just about any commercial use you can imagine. Although we’re referring to these screens as “TVs” in this article for the sake of simplicity, the advantage of commercial screens is that they’re so much more than TVs. Investing in commercial screens means you’re investing in a digital signage system and all the services that come with it.

In contrast, consumer screens actually are traditional TV screens that can be purchased from places like Best Buy, Amazon, or Walmart and are intended for home entertainment. Business owners often purchase consumer TVs or smart TVs and use them for a digital signage display, but DIY applications can be problematic. For consumer screens, what you see is what you get, which means that you purchase the screen and do everything yourself from that point on.

The following is a breakdown of all the important elements you should be aware of that separate commercial TV screens from consumer TVs.

Commercial Displays

  • Equipped for long term business use: These screens are engineered to last through years all-day usage. Many businesses need to keep signage running all day every day, and while this would be too much for an average TV, these screens can handle it and typically last around 5-6 years, while maintaining a high level of performance and picture quality.
  • More features: Commercial digital signage displays offer standout features like interactive touch screens, self service signage, a wide viewing angle, an advanced media player to display full HD media in real-time, an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS), and more. Commercial screens also typically have more input options, so instead of only coming with an HDMI port, these displays also offer compatibility with VGA, USB, DVI, and display ports.
  • Outdoor signage: Thanks to modern outdoor signage designs, commercial-grade screens have high durability in all weather conditions. High brightness screens also ensure high visibility in sunlight, so customers have no problem reading your menu boards or window signs on a sunny day.
  • Services: Professional digital signage solutions don’t force you to do it all yourself. For example, the services Keyser offers to help you successfully integrate your new tech include:
    • Installation – We manage the logistics, scheduling, permit acquisition to fully manage the installation process and ensure everything runs smoothly.
    • CMS – Keyser helps you integrate the best digital signage software that works for you, so you or your employees can update your messaging content in an instant, from anywhere.
    • Design – We know that not every business has a graphic designer, so our design team is ready to work with you to create digital signage content that fits your business and showcases your products and/or services.
    • Maintenance – If you run into any performance or technical issues with your display, Keyser’s maintenance team is always ready to provide assistance and solve the problem at hand.
  • Cost-effective: The major reason why some business owners choose to forgo commercial displays and buy a TV instead is the difference in cost. Digital signage screens are more expensive initially because they have more features, services, and are overall higher quality. However, the many ways in which consumer TVs fall short means you’ll have to replace these screens much sooner than a commercial screen, which ultimately ends up being more expensive.
  • Subtle Design: Commercial TVs are designed to fit in at any business or organization without standing out. Often with sleek and subtle designs that blend into a business’s interior, they are also free of distracting manufacturing logos like Sony or Samsung.
  • Customizable: Customizations are a major differentiator from traditional consumer TVs.  Whether you want a specific aesthetic for your hardware enclosure, or additional advanced features, customization simply allows you to do more with your digital signage displays.

Consumer Displays

  • DIY: If you choose to invest in a consumer-grade television, you’re also choosing to do it yourself, it being the digital signage implementation process and upkeep. This option is cheaper than investing in the services of a digital signage company, but it’s also more work. You risk encountering more issues during the installation process or being ‘in over your head’ when it comes to maintenance because you won’t have the assistance of experts.
  • Less versatility: When you buy consumer TV screens, you’re purchasing them off the shelf as they are, which means customizations would void the warranty, eliminating the diverse use cases commercial-grade screens offer. They also come in a limited number of sizes and shapes, while commercial displays tend to be much more dynamic.
  • Wear and Tear: Consumer screens are prone to damage after long-term use, are not weather-safe, and are not impact resistant because they’re not built for the strenuous use of 24/7 signage.
  • Shorter lifespan: Since consumer TV screens are built for home entertainment, using them all day every day as digital signage can take a toll. The unfortunate fact is these screens will develop glitches, image retention, and other common issues if they are adapted for commercial use.

Our Advice:  Use Commercial TVs for Digital Signage

Although it may seem like we’re biased, due to Keyser’s extensive experience in the digital signage industry, we believe commercial displays routinely turn out to be a more worthwhile investment. If you are interested in investing in the best TV for digital signage for your business, we recommend going with a commercial screen.

Don’t forget that the decision between commercial and consumer screens is also the decision to go through a professional digital signage company or not. Once you book a consultation with one, you’ll learn about their screen offerings and will be assisted in finding the best signage fit for you.

The Best Commercial TVs Available

If you’re a business owner looking for the best TV-sized display, Keyser has a number of high-quality options for you to explore. While we do have an expansive collection of digital signage options, the following are the two most widely used in commercial and business settings.


Keyser’s New 32” High Bright Outdoor Display

This 32″ screen is Keyser’s newest digital signage display, and is a great choice for businesses who want to grow into digital signage. The size and price offer the perfect opportunity to get accustomed to implementing digital signage technology into your marketing strategy. Below are the major features you should be aware of:

  • This display has multi-touch (a more advanced touch screen feature that recognizes two or more touches at the same time, allowing several users to interact with a single display)
  • As a highly energy-efficient display option, the 32″ uses less power at 80 watts
  • Can withstand over 140ºF in direct sunlight without overheating, and can also operate in -20ºF. No matter the weather, this screen is optimized for year-round performance.
  • Cost advantage – The 32″ screen is a more affordable option than its 55″ counterpart, so this TV is a great first digital signage technology for small businesses.
  • This screen has multiple use cases and can be adapted to your needs and scale, depending on your space.


55″ High Bright LCD Digital Signage Displays

The 55″ screen shares a number of notable features with the 32″ display, with the main differences being size and price. We offer similar screen options in different sizes so businesses with a lot of space or limited space can both see similar benefits. Below are the major features you should know about this screen:

  • 3000 nit LCD, high brightness that allows visibility of HD images in direct sunlight.
  • The weather-sealed build can withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Tempered cover glass protects against high impact and has an anti-reflective coating that prevents glare.
  • K-demand technology decreases power consumption by 35%.
  • This display has a built-in Android operating system that comes with Bluetooth, ethernet, and Wi-fi connectivity.
  • Similarly to the 32″ screen, this display screen has a lot of versatility when it comes to use cases, but lends itself more to larger footprints.

Digital Signage Use Cases

How you plan to use your digital display can vary greatly. Here is the breakdown of some of the screen types offered:

  • Menu Boards: Menu boards (both outdoor and indoor) are a popular choice for restaurants because employees can alter menu items and special offerings in an instant, they tend to increase rates of up-selling and unplanned purchases, and the engaging digital content attracts the interest of customers.
  • In-window Units: Window signage is perfect for displaying the most attractive offering your business or organization has and framing it in the most appealing way to passersby. Digital content and images are not just easy for the human brain to process, our eyes are drawn to screens.
  • Interactive Signage: Interactive technology that enables self-service is more applicable than ever. Today’s consumers prefer having the option of self-service available, especially after the demands of the pandemic have increased the need for limited contact service. This type of signage allows businesses to provide a wider range of service options for consumers, ultimately enhancing customer experience.

Keyser also offers other digital signage displays that don’t quite fit into the “TV” category, but have very applicable use cases. For example, self-service kiosks are widely used in restaurants, retail stores, as wayfinding signage, stadiums, and more. In addition, most digital signage companies have an LCD video wall display that creates an impressive display for when you want your messaging to make a bold statement.

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Are you interested in exploring your options and finding what the best TV for digital signage is for your business? We’re here to answer your questions and get you started. Let Keyser’s experienced team take care of your digital signage needs and contact us to discuss your next project.



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