Are Electronic Menu Boards Right for Your Business?

Are Electronic Menu Boards Right for Your Business?

Are Electronic Menu Boards Right for Your Business?

  • On November 16, 2021

Electronic menu boards offer a variety of useful functionalities in restaurants and many other businesses. These menu boards make it incredibly simple to add, edit, or delete items from a menu and also engage your customers while they’re waiting in line and also speed up the ordering process. If any of these benefits sound like they would be a welcome addition to how your restaurant operates, you might be considering investing in a digital menu board solution. Digital signage is the technology that makes menu boards possible and there are tons of different ways that your business can benefit from making an investment in electronic menu boards. So if you are in the process of questioning what kind of new menu to invest in, this blog is the right place to gain some crucial insight.

What are electronic menu boards? 

Before diving into what factors to look at to determine if electronic menu boards are right for your business, let’s clearly establish what they actually are. An electronic menu board is a modern digital menu board that displays your menu and is commonly displayed on a TV or monitor. They also are normally mounted to a wall or from a ceiling so customers can see the menu right when they walk in the door. Electronic menu displays show customers their options, from drinks, to add-ons, to nutritional information. They also help customers make purchasing decisions before going up to order.

In this blog, we’re posing questions that may be relevant to your business and messaging needs. Depending on your unique answer to these questions, you may find that an electronic menu board is the right fit for you and your business.

What do customers need from your menu?

Asking yourself what your customers need can provide key insights. Most of the time, the answer has to do with delivering convenience and a better customer experience.

Electronic menu boards can help improve your customers’ experience. For example, there are many ways that digital menu boards can improve wait times. Waiting in line is never fun and ordering can sometimes be a long process. In addition, with electronic menu boards your customers can be better prepared when it comes time to order. You could also use your signs to tell your customers exactly how long they’re going to need to wait for their food. Doing so will help to give your customers a more concrete sense of progress as they get closer and closer to enjoying their meal.

Do you need to frequently update menu items?

The need for frequent updates to your menu is a key sign that you need an electronic menu board. The Content Management Systems that come with digital signage solutions make this process much easier than updating traditional signage.

Updating your electronic menu boards through digital signage software benefits your business in many ways, and the key to successfully updating is consistency. It’s important to maintain your restaurant’s main appeal, favorite menu items, and aesthetic in order to continue attracting your regulars. However, unless you run a historic or iconic restaurant, updating the restaurant menu will keep your messaging from getting stale in a competitive market. Updating it occasionally will give your restaurant benefits. Here are the upsides of the update:

For owners:

  1. Keeping it fresh: Menu changes will keep your restaurant fresh, engage new customers by easily creating eye-catching new digital content.
  2. Reduce costs: You can make changes to the menu periodically to adjust to seasonal menu items. The restaurant menu may use seasonal ingredients, such as specific fruits, fish, or vegetables and those prices can fluctuate. Instead of paying to get new menu boards printed, you can make quick updates with an electronic menu board, ultimately saving on costs.
  3. Capturing a new market: New generations of restaurant customers may have different preferences from the older ones. By updating your menu with trendy menu items, as well as displaying content in a digital format that those generations are accustomed to, you can attract more Millennial and Gen Z customers.

For Customers:

  1. Keeps customers informed: No more “Oh, Sorry, that’s our old menu!” With electronic menu boars you can update your new menu in a matter of minutes and will no longer be embarrassed by having your old menu still up.
  2. Easy to read: The days of straining to read messy, tiny, or faded handwriting are over. An electronic menu board amplifies your menu, projecting a clear and organized menu design. This makes it easier to read and, as a result, easier for customers to order from, even when your venue is super busy.
  3. Wait time feels shorter: Customers’ perceived wait times tend to be impacted by electronic menu boards, which help customers not feel the time they’re standing in line as much.

Tips for updating your menu:

  • Have a plan. Ideally, you should update the menu every one or two years. The time will allow you to analyze the most favorite menu items and the least ordered
  • If you rely on seasonal ingredients, menu updates should happen two to four times a year, depending on the climate and availability of the ingredients. Don’t forget to follow the trend of food costs to pick the best menu items to serve.
  • Avoid overhauling all the items. Make sure you have the basic items that everyone will like.

Does your current menu look outdated?

If you have a traditional static menu board, this may appear outdated to customers who are growing accustomed to electronic menu boards in more restaurants, which means it’s time to consider upgrading. If you have electronic menu boards and they are older than five years, then they are most likely outdated. It also might be time for an update if your menu board has half the backlighting burned out, tape holding panels together, dry marker crossing off items no longer served, faded and yellow graphics. You don’t want your customers thinking you are careless about your menu board system and wonder if you are also careless about how your food is cooked and served.

Focus on your brand and what you want your guests to remember about their dining experience. Your menu board is the first thing your guests focus on when they walk into your restaurant. Make it a positive encounter!

Ready to invest in Electronic Menu Boards?

Getting started with electronic menu boards can sometimes feel overwhelming if you’ve never implemented one into your business before. A digital menu board may be the solution that makes the most sense for your operations in the long term. Once set up, a digital menu is easy to maintain and make updates too. Contact Keyser today and let our experts handle all the logistics that come with digital signs. 



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