How To Know It’s Time For A Digital Signage Update

How To Know It’s Time For A Digital Signage Update

How To Know It’s Time For A Digital Signage Update

  • On October 13, 2021

Many businesses have been implementing digital signage into their retail strategies for several years, which means many of those signs are beginning to age and will be due for an upgrade soon. In this blog, we’re covering the common signs it’s time for a digital signage update.

Why update your digital signage?

From aging technology to the availability of more advanced tech on the market, there are a number of reasons why business owners may need to update their signage. What it all comes down to is how your tech performs and if it’s helping your business bring in the highest ROI possible.

With age, things like performance quality and outdated digital signage technology can become an issue. While this technology is built to last long term, it, unfortunately, doesn’t last forever.

Finding a solution for recurring technical performance issues is not the only benefit of upgrading your digital signage. It’s also important to weigh the values newer technology offers. If you do not upgrade at the appropriate time, you may be missing out on new technology advancements that play a powerful role in driving sales through dynamic messaging and interactive engagement. 

At a time when digital marketing is table stakes and eye-catching technology helps you stand out from the competition, your digital signage system has a direct impact on your business.

Signs You Need a Digital Signage Update

  • Your digital signage is more than 5 years old. Digital signage is designed for long-term usage, it’s an investment that you benefit from for years, but even great tech has its limits and needs to be updated eventually. We recommend updating to new digital display screens if your signage is at least 5 years old. So if it predates 2016, it’s time for a replacement. If you don’t update, you may be missing out on all of the new tech advancements your business could be benefitting from. A lot changes in 5 years – digital technology is constantly evolving.
  • Your customers need signage services that you can’t provide: If you have older technology, you might not be able to offer the same services to customers that they’re offered at other businesses. For example, more consumers now are accustomed to an abundance of self-service options and prefer having the choice to interact with self-service kiosks, self-service wayfinding signage, and other touch screen displays. If your current signage displays can’t compete, updating is the perfect opportunity to incorporate a more dynamic digital signage network of solutions. 
  • You can’t display digital signage content the way you want. As signage displays get older, business owners tend to run into more problems and poor functionality. Tech issues such as playback glitches, plugins that don’t work, and more can arise with signs that don’t have the updated features that newer digital signage players have. Maybe you can’t play content or live TV in real-time, create content playlists, make instant updates, or display social media pages. Or perhaps you have a marketing campaign in mind that calls for a different or more unique type of signage such as a digital menu board or a LCD video wall. When your technology is up to date, you get the most out of your marketing strategy. 
  • You have signage with outdated display designs. The outer aesthetic of digital signage hardware has also evolved over the years. Now, designers intentionally create digital signage screens that blend into the setting of any business and there are more options than ever before. Older designs aren’t necessarily bad, but may have an outdated look or don’t blend as well with the interior of newer businesses.

Other Update Considerations

Digital signage hardware is not the only important component of digital signage technology that needs to be updated. Others include:

Software Updates

While the hardware necessary for digital signage provides the essential piece for displaying effective messaging, utilizing this tech wouldn’t be possible without the digital signage software that allow business owners to curate and display signage content. Digital signage apps also need routine updates, and it’s important to stay on top of them to avoid performance issues like slower display times, low-quality animations, plugins that don’t work, etc. 

Updated software provides a wider array of template options, allowing you to create more detailed and precise layouts. They also tend to have the most usable content management dashboards, and allow employees and business owners to manage signage content through android devices.

Digital signage software should send notifications when it’s time for an update, but keep an eye out for media player performance issues as well, as these may be another indicator. 

Content Upgrades

Don’t forget about the central component of your digital signage strategy and the whole reason for investing in advanced signage technology: the content your customers actually view and interact with. It’s important to keep your content fresh and in line with the marketing for your current product or service offerings. For example, if you recently rolled out a new online marketing campaign, it’s important for your digital signs to match the aesthetic branding, format, messaging, and pricing.

There aren’t any precise rules for when it’s the right time to create new content. Technically, you can update it as often or as little as you like, but it’s a good practice to set a regular content schedule and even take advantage of automated updating features that may not have been available with your previous software.

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