Mall Kiosks: How to Gain an Edge with Digital Signage

Mall Kiosks: How to Gain an Edge with Digital Signage

Mall Kiosks: How to Gain an Edge with Digital Signage

  • On September 28, 2021

In the era of eCommerce, digital signage has become more important in shopping malls than ever before. With the implementation of self service kiosks and other digital signage, malls are able to better their marketing strategies and make a more personalized customer experience. Whether it is a small retail store or shopping center, replacing static signage with digital signage, such as mall kiosks, in areas with high foot traffic can bring more customers into these businesses.

Ideal Places for Mall Kiosks

Here are some of the most effective places to integrate high end digital signage in malls:

  • Open spaces: When walking around any mall you can almost always find open, high traffic areas that are not being utilized. These spaces are a great spot for any kiosks, such as wayfinding kiosks, informative kiosks, and self service, and more. Kiosks in these open spaces can also showcase advertisements for new tenants and individual store promotions. On top of that, they can display mall-wide event announcements. For example, holiday hours or covid-19 restrictions are examples of important information to magnify with digital signage.
  • Food court: While each food court establishment has their own digital menus, display kiosks can also be a great fit for this space. Self-service kiosks let customers order their own food, which helps increase restaurants overall income and attract new customers. Also, having kiosks in the food court lets employees focus on high value services, decreases order errors, and optimizes inventory.
  • Parking garage: The parking lot of a mall isn’t usually the most memorable. Normally, you park your car and enter the mall as fast as you can. Then when returning, you hope you remember exactly where you parked your car. If there were kiosks in the parking lot that provide helpful signage to help you remember where your car is, that would be another area where customer experience is improved.
  • Retail store exterior: Individual retail stores in a mall often have static signage outside their locations. But instead of those static signs, imagine they can stream new messaging content on a kiosk. Employees and owners would be able to make any changes in an instant. Retail businesses can promote flash sales or even their new products in their storefront. For national chains, they can have a person at their corporate headquarters send out announcements across all locations, or only one specific location.
  • Retail store interior: Retail kiosks and touch screen systems are an integral component of the in-store buying experience for customers. Having kiosks in your store lets your customers take control of their purchasing journey and helps to improve satisfaction rates.
  • Retail merchandising unit: The small businesses in malls that don’t operate out of larger store locations, also known as a retail merchandising unit, serve to benefit significantly from digital signage. When shoppers are navigating from one store to the next, it’s necessary to utilize signage that tells them what your product is and why they should take the time to stop.

Why Invest in Mall Kiosks? 

With the introduction of kiosks in shopping malls, one of the clear benefits from this cutting-edge technology is the interactivity it provides for consumers. Mall kiosk technology is effective and easy to use. But let’s consider both the perspective of customers and business owners. If you were a kiosk owner, how would it benefit you? And what other ways can consumers stand to benefit?

  • Improve Accessibility: Digital signage is designed with accessibility in mind. Not only have self-serving kiosks been made ADA compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act) but also user friendly. Another aspect that needs to be taken into consideration is that not all customers speak the same language, which is why digital signage provides a multi-language support. It is also important to note that customers prefer a more straightforward design. If a design is cluttered or difficult to read, it might discourage customers from your business and affect your sales. Customers don’t want to browse several pages just to find the product or service they are looking for.
  • More Advertising Opportunities: All business owners know how important advertising is for brand awareness and customer loyalty. The goal in every merchandising strategy is to attract your audience’s attention to the product or services and keep them engaged. The best way to do this is to display your brand messaging on your kiosk. For example, if you have a store within a shopping mall, this is the prime opportunity to advertise your business to potential customers on mall directories. The biggest advantage of digital signage is that any ad can be easily interchanged, unlike a static advertisement.
  • Improve Customer Experience: Customers expect a personalized experience when using a digital kiosk. With digital kiosks, there are plenty of opportunities to customize the user’s experience and also to help the business to understand their needs better. You can use a cloud-based content management system to provide localized massaging to improve your customers’ experience. 
  • Deliver information Conveniently: Unlike a static sign, digital kiosks allow business to display information quickly and conveniently. Messaging, pricing information, images, and more can be switched or modified at any point of time. That means that businesses can change their digital signs to better suit trends and demands.  
  • Order Entry and Payment: When implementing self-service kiosks they operate seamlessly and reduce the amount of time that is wasted taking orders and inputting information. By eliminating the middle person customers are able to put in their own information, which reduces the risk of miscommunication.

Kiosk Designs 

When looking to install any kiosks in a mall, there are so many options when it comes to the display’s design. Whether you are utilizing an existing kiosk to alter its current design, or creating a custom kiosk design that will perfectly fit your unique business needs, there is a design out there for every situation. If you want your kiosk to stand out among the crowd of people, you need a distinctive and attractive design structure

Kiosk designs in malls should attract their target shopper and create a design that will best meet the needs of those shoppers. You will need to consider what products your kiosk will be promoting. A kiosk designed for food vendors will differ from a kiosk for clothing retail stores. Things you will need to consider also include physical factors such as hardware, screen options, lighting, displays, and function. If your mall kiosk isn’t attention-getting in design and structure it might not achieve the increase in sales rates that you’re aiming for.

Features and Capabilities

Let’s take a look at a specific use case for mall kiosks: a directory. Static mall directories typically have maps of the mall and they identify the shopper’s location with an arrow saying “you are here”. They also have a list of retailers and categorize them by apparel, food, and sports & outdoors. On the other hand, digital directories provide a number of modern, customizable features and capabilities that better suit the needs of today’s digital-savvy consumer. What’s on display is only limited to your imagination. Here’s what digital signage has to offer:

  • Interactive displays that respond to customers requests. Customers want to find the product or service they want right away and having displays that respond to their request makes a best-in-class customer experience.
  • Interactive wayfinding maps. There can be a keyboard search bar function to help customers search for where they are going next and make navigating the mall more convenient.
  • Access to real-time events, offers, and retailer discounts. Bright graphics can provide listings for deals and offers, and give consumer incentives to visit your store.
  • Easy to call concierge or security. Customers have the opportunity to get help at the touch of a single button.
  • Remote updating. Almost every display can be updated in a matter of seconds from your office or living room couch, instead of having to call a service specialist to do it for you.

How to Start Implementing Kiosks into A Mall

If you are ready to take the next steps to implementing kiosks in your mall’s store, contact us for a free consultation. Keyser is a well-established and highly-respected digital signage company perfectly suited for large signage solutions and installation projects. Contact us at [email protected] today.


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