Are Custom Kiosks Worth the Investment?

Are Custom Kiosks Worth the Investment?

Are Custom Kiosks Worth the Investment?

  • On August 17, 2021

Kiosks are seeing more widespread usage throughout a variety of businesses and organizations, and for good reason. High-quality signage technology such as kiosks are shown to improve services and customer experience. In past blogs we’ve covered the subject of customizing digital content and how working with Keyser’s design team can yield great messaging results, but today we’re talking about a more complete range of customization possibilities. Custom kiosk solutions present an opportunity to fully integrate digital signage technology into your brand and businesses, so keep reading for more.

Why use Kiosks in the first place? 

Your business doesn’t have to be a grocery store or fast-food restaurant to reap the benefits of a kiosk. In fact, nearly every type of business and organization we work with can effectively leverage one of the many types of kiosks on the digital signage market today, which include:

Types of kiosks available:

All of these options present an array of advantages for the businesses that suit them, but here are some of the most noteworthy ones:

  • Reduction in labor costs. Kiosks field a lot of the labor that your employees would normally shoulder, reducing the burden on them and allowing the speed of business to increase. As a result, you earn a higher sales return for less human labor.
  • Increased accuracy. Orders at checkout have a higher accuracy rate in comparison to human cashiers, who will inevitably make mistakes.
  • Up-selling. Kiosks routinely upsell to customers more successfully by promoting products in an appealing and low-pressure way.
  • The perks of self-service. There’s a reason why automation is so prevalent in the service industry and it has to do with consumers wanting more service options. Many prefer self service over traditional customer service and it’s important to serve the needs of all consumers, including those with social anxiety, a disability, or other barriers that present difficulties with one-on-one interaction. Refer to our blog post for more on why self-service options will be more important in the coming years.

Why do you need a custom kiosk design?

The obvious appeal of getting anything customized is that the product fits you and your needs perfectly. Even if the standard product is high-quality, it wasn’t made for you. There are plenty of standard kiosks on the market that can be integrated into your business, but they’re not going to have all the features that are possible when you get a kiosk customized by digital signage experts.

While standard kiosks do generally make many services easier, there are undoubtedly people who have had at least one sub-par experience with a kiosk that wasn’t so user friendly. If we were to evaluate each of these issues, we’d probably find that the kiosks weren’t specifically tailored to the needs of the customers and/or business in question, resulting in a lower quality self-service experience. It’s important to understand who your users are and what features and customizations suit them the best.

Other major advantages of custom kiosks include:

  • Originality. Customizations make your kiosk one of a kind. Your business is unique, so the technology that represents you should be unique too. Customers won’t get the same experience anywhere else after using your kiosk.
  • Brand consistency. Kiosks with a custom design aesthetic that align with your branding further integrates the consistency of your brand identity.
  • Customer experience. Custom kiosks are tailored to what the consumer needs, ideally resulting in the most user friendly experience possible.

Customization Options

One example of innovative kiosk customization is kiosks in a public transit area, like a bus stop or train stop, that double as a remote charging station for mobile devices. These custom kiosks can display arrival times, a digital map, and even movie advertisements, but also serve a very specific and much-needed purpose for commuters. In addition, these kiosks can be customized with lockers to store phones while they charge. Mobile charging stations are a perfect example of incorporating an innovative customization to a kiosk that is tailored to the needs of the user.

Charging stations are only one of many iterations of customization that could work for kiosks in transit areas. We offer kiosks for all types of businesses, so the combinations and customizations available are vast. Restaurants, retail stores, stadiums, shopping centers, healthcare facilities, and schools are some of the businesses that implement digital kiosks for messaging and supplement labor.

Common Customizations

One of the most common customizations with any type of kiosk is touch integration. Interactive touch screens are popular because they’re intuitive and easy to use. The use of buttons and toggles is phasing out and more comprehensive touch screens are more normalized than in previous years. Especially when everyone has a touch screen in their pocket, keeping up with today’s standards of technology is important. Other common customizations include an Internet and data connection, LED lighting, scanning capabilities for QR codes, and more.

The Customization Process

What is it like to work with our team? Keyser works with you to find the best design for both you and your customers. The design process begins with your idea. Maybe you have a rough sketch or you’ve had a designer create something. All that remains is to figure out sizes, what type of kiosk you need, price points, and quantities.

What customizations are right for your business?

Keyser has a team of people that will assist you with the customization process, but nobody knows your business like you do. That’s why it’s important to evaluate what features should be prioritized during customization. Ask yourself the following questions to get a clearer picture of what your ideal custom kiosk might look like and how you want it to perform:

  • What are the needs of your customers/users? What kind of experience do they need from you? Are there any barriers of use that can be removed?
  • What are your business needs and which features might serve them?
  • What functionalities are essential for your kiosks?

Why choose Keyser for custom kiosks?

Keyser has years of experience in the signage industry and has grown and learned alongside the advancement of digital signage technology. We’ve been in this space long enough to know the best people to work with and how to create custom designs that work for all kinds of businesses and organizations.

Contact us Today for a Free Consultation

If you’re interested in a custom kiosk, we’re here to help with the next steps. Let Keyser’s experience do the work for you and we’ll guide you through the digital signage implementation process. Contact us to discuss your next project.



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