College Digital Signage Options for the Upcoming Academic Year

College Digital Signage Options for the Upcoming Academic Year

College Digital Signage Options for the Upcoming Academic Year

  • On August 10, 2021

With the summer of 2021 coming to a close, millions of college students are about to be back on their college campuses and starting a new school year. During this exceptional year in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many students will be returning to in-person classes after a few semesters of remote learning. After the challenges they’ve faced, colleges need ways to create a positive academic experience and engage their students in ways they have not been able to in the past, and one way to do that is a college digital signage system.

How is Digital Signage Used on a College Campus?

College campuses have a number of different display options for promoting dynamic digital signage content. In fact, we’d say that an academic setting offers more options for signage implementation than most other locations. There are so many possibilities to explore, so it’s just up to you to decide which screen types, messaging strategies, and digital signage content would fit your campus best. Below, we cover some of the most common and impactful ways to use digital signage at college campuses.


Most colleges and universities have sprawling campuses that offer a beautiful academic environment for students to thrive in, but can also be confusing for new students and visitors. A system of digital wayfinding kiosks throughout the campus is a perfect remedy for that confusion. Especially for incoming freshmen, who already have plenty of nerves and other things to worry about, wayfinding signage can ease some of those first-year jitters by providing a comprehensive and interactive wayfinding experience. Improving the student experience is always a priority for schools, so making campus navigation more accessible is a major step-up that digital wayfinding signage can offer.

Less students getting lost going to classes on their first week of navigating higher education is definitely a major benefit, but wayfinding signs aren’t just useful at the beginning of every semester.

Throughout the school year, colleges have visitors on campus grounds like parents, high school students, and people attending events who may be struggling to navigate around the campus. There’s not always someone around to help and not everyone wants to stop a stranger to ask for directions, so an interactive kiosk offers the much-needed accessibility to an easier navigation experience.  Covid-related safety messages and emergency announcements are also perfect use cases for digital menu boards.

student activities college signage

Promote Student Activities

On any given day during a regular semester, there are a number of activities, meetings, and classes happening within a college campus community. College digital signage is one way to broadcast campus activity to students. Student clubs and organizations won’t get others to join unless people know they exist, so promotion is essential for an active student body.

College digital signage displays can also be used to promote other important information to opportunities that can enhance and enrich the lives of students during their college experience. For example, promoting internship opportunities, classes that have seats open for the next semester, and part-time job opportunities are all options you can consider incorporating during content creation.

You can also tap into Gen Z’s presence on social media by promoting school social media accounts, as well as the social media feeds run by student organizations, so students can be more connected to campus activities.

Between outdoor and indoor signageinteractive signagevideo walls, and more, the possibilities are vast. Any display option you can imagine has the capability to promote campus activities, but how you utilize the technology is up to you.

Messaging to Prospective Students

Colleges and universities give dozens of campus tours every year and see thousands of high school students who are considering attending. The look and feel of a campus say a lot about a college for those students and their parents, and digital displays contribute to how a campus feels more than you think. Not only is a digital signage solution an opportunity to inform visitors about campus activities and programs, but digital signs also make them feel like they’re in a modern and advanced academic setting. Parents want their kids to have the best education possible, and parents and students may rank universities on whether they’ve implemented signage to provide the best campus experience.


Schools host dozens of campus events every semester. Between concerts, activity fairs, sports games, graduations, and more, digital signage displays have a major part to play in getting the word out about important events. Living during a digital age means that promoting in-person events can be a difficult task when everyone is focused on the screens in their hands. However, digital signage messaging is the best way to counter this and catch the eye of passersby on campus. Especially in comparison to messaging with traditional signage, digital screens are more successful because the human brain processes visual content much faster than text, and media can come in many forms with digital screens.

college sports digital signage

Digital signage software comes with a media player that can play video content and show live TV, so broadcasting big games or other campus events in real-time is a useful way to showcase important events throughout the campus. However, using campus-wide messaging to fill seats at events is not the only useful way that digital signs can be used on campuses to cover athletic content. Many athletic programs integrate digital screens for scoreboards in order to improve visibility for the crowd and overall audience experience.

For more information on digital signage implementation in all types of school settings, read our blog on digital school signs.


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