Why Only The Best Digital Signage Companies Offer Installation Services

Why Only The Best Digital Signage Companies Offer Installation Services

Why Only The Best Digital Signage Companies Offer Installation Services

  • On August 3, 2021

Digital signage companies are increasing in number and quality, which means that businesses looking to upgrade their signage have an evolving market of options to choose from. For some, the number of options can be overwhelming. One of the top questions you should ask when researching different digital signage companies is if they have support services, especially for installation. If a company does not have the option to install your signage, we recommend ruling them out.

What are Installation Services?

A digital signage team handles all the logistics of installation so business owners don’t have to, including acquiring permits, scheduling, and on-site project management. We communicate with you to find the best time in your schedule for installation and take care of any and all requirements for signage installation.

Breakdown of Keyser’s Installation Services

Logistics  We handle the logistics of the installation process by…

  • Utilizing our nationwide network of qualified contractors, installers, and technicians to provide a high standard of service, no matter where you are in the country
  • Communicating with key stakeholders and licensees/site contacts
  • Conducting site surveys to determine needs and/or to verify site readiness
  • Equipment ordering, kitting, and scheduling

On-site Project Management – We run a tight ship at our project installation sites by…

  • Doing site prep work, including construction, electrical, and cabling
  • Having a contingency plan for any unforeseen issues that arise in order to handle those issues efficiently in real-time
  • Installing equipment, testing, provisioning, and close-out
  • Auditing process management to ensure consistent quality

Why should digital signage companies provide Installation?

The best way to explain why installation services are essential is by comparing digital signage technology to a product with a DIY setup, like Ikea furniture. The two products are different in so many ways, but the most obvious is the disparity in expense and how advanced the technology is. You don’t have to be a carpenter or any kind of skilled laborer to assemble Ikea’s products, but cutting edge technology like digital signage players need to be installed correctly, period. It’s unwise to risk installing signage without a professional because a lot is riding on it – you’ve made a financial investment in the success of your new signage. See our recent blog for more information on why doing it yourself isn’t recommended for digital signs.

With the varying types of screens in the industry, it’s inevitable that different types of multimedia digital displays require very different installation processes. For example, an interactive kiosk installation is a completely different process than installing a video wall, touchscreen, wayfinding signage, or a digital menu board. They each have specific needs, functions, and tools, so it’s important to work with skilled experts who are well-practiced at installing every type of signage out there.

In addition, every type of business and organization has different installation needs, and experienced digital signage companies can accommodate the needs of any client. The process varies from small retailers and restaurants to larger sites like shopping centers, stadiums, or healthcare facilities. Installation coordinators are ready to scale and tailor the process based on their experience with businesses like yours.

Support services are an integral part of a digital signage company that should not be neglected, so don’t settle for incomplete digital signage solutions. Choose a signage company that doesn’t just want to sell you their technology, but also values customer experience and satisfaction.

Why should you choose Keyser for Installation?


There are a number of digital signage companies out there that provide quality installation services, but what makes Keyser qualified to handle yours? We have years of experience coordinating and executing successful signage installations for a varying range of businesses. With over two decades of learning, growing, and building a network of nationwide contractors, installers, and technicians, our process is air tight.

From retail stores to restaurants and more, we have the know-how when it comes to installing top of the industry signage, and are also accustomed to the evolving nature of the industry. We’ve always progressed along with advancements of signage technology, as well as best practices in the industry. Although pricing might be initially higher than a signage company that does not provide installation, you’re investing in a sound process that will save money and frustration in the long run.

In addition, it doesn’t matter what size the project is or what your unique business needs are, we’re accustomed to scaling projects to clients’ needs. Keyser’s services range from small-scale signage installments for small local businesses to large-scale nationwide rollouts conducted over the course of several months, or more. A good example of a large scale installation is our project with McDonald’s. Check out our blog about this massive installation of McDonald’s outdoor menu boards for more details on our process.

Other Must-Haves of Digital Signage Companies

It’s important to hold digital signage companies to high standards because at the end of the day, our quality of service directly impacts your quality of service. Here are some other factors you should expect from good digital signage companies.

  • Content Management System  Once new digital signs are installed, finding a compatible CMS will be key to using your technology to its fullest potential. Downloading a free digital signage software solution on your own can be risky, so find a digital signage company that has the right software platform for your messaging needs.
  • Maintenance  Although professional digital signage displays are designed for durability, efficiency, and minimal technical issues, no device is perfect and running into an issues is possible. In case that happens, it’s important to have a maintenance team ready to assist and address the problem. We know how important it is to keep the flow of business going with minimal interruptions, so our maintenance team is available to swiftly provide services. You shouldn’t expect anything less from digital signage companies.
  • Design  Installation is only one step in the process of implementing digital screens. The digital signage content you choose to display is just as important as the quality of the screen, so we take this step just as seriously. We know that not every business out there has marketers ready to create the perfect content or a graphic designer to develop the aesthetic of your digital content. Keyser has a design team ready to assist with this important process, and so should any digital signage company you’re considering.
  • Permit Acquisition – Our team handles any permits you need before the installation day, no matter what your location is. We do thorough research on your local ordinances and codes in order to procure the permits you need. Rest assured that we’re experienced in this process so you don’t have to worry about the details.

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