How to Attract Customers into Your Store

How to Attract Customers into Your Store

How to Attract Customers into Your Store

  • On August 25, 2021

Today’s business market is a space that evolves along with the technology and marketing techniques of our time, and that’s become more evident in the last year or so. In the age of Amazon, e-commerce, and social media marketing, small businesses that operate out of traditional brick and mortar stores often have a challenging time getting new customers. After the pandemic accelerated the shifts in consumer habits, traditional marketing efforts like word of mouth and static signage don’t cut it anymore. In response, owners of retail businesses have to develop new ways of bringing potential customers into their storefront. If your retail store has been struggling with attracting customers recently, we’re covering the simple, but effective ways you can utilize digital signage as a tool for how to attract customers into your store.

While some methods of attracting customers may be commonplace and practiced for years, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best options out there. For example, you could hire someone to twirl an arrow sized sign outside your store to get people’s attention. But should you? We believe there are other, more effective, tools that catch the interest of shoppers.

Digital Signage Drives Store Visitors

The popularity of digital signage technology for messaging has soared in recent years, which has allowed businesses to observe and experience the benefits and successes of advanced signage displays. We now have a history that shows how digital content and digital signage are a driving force for increased sales for businesses in any industry. They outperform traditional signage in every measurable way and allow businesses to see the growth in revenue that they need. Whether you are the business owner of a retail store, a restaurant, or any other business with a brick and mortar storefront, there is a digital signage display out there that’s right for your businesses and your consumers.

So take advantage of the inherent appeal that screens and digital content have to passersby. Think about when you walk through any shopping area with regular foot traffic. There are always a number of brands and stores trying to catch our attention in different ways, but we’re naturally drawn to images and movement. Visuals are easy for the brain to process fast, and that’s not something to underestimate when it comes to marketing and attracting potential customers. Leveraging digital images and messaging to catch the eyes and interest of shoppers is an effective way to reel in customers and increase sales. Keep reading for the details on which types of digital signage displays make passersby want to step into your store.

Eye-catching In-window Units

In-window units are a simple, but effective way to improve your curb appeal and bring customers into your store. Digital signage displays that hang in your storefront window are designed to display attention-getting messages and imagery at the eye level of walkers. If a shopper sees a clothing item they like in your retail store window display or an appetizing entrée in the window of your restaurant, that digital display has increased the chances that shoppers will make an unplanned decision to take time out of their day and enter your business.

The general concept of drawing customers in through a window display isn’t anything new. Window displays have always been an important part of visual merchandising, and stores have been getting creative with their displays for years. The difference now is that digital content is everywhere, so displaying only your products in the window doesn’t have the visual appeal that it used to. Incorporating digital displays into that strategy is highly effective at making sure your storefront isn’t eclipsed by the digital displays of other brands. Digital content is ultimately more engaging than any other visual display setup you could use, so don’t miss out on the opportunity.

Outdoor Signage Displays

Digital signage companies like Keyser offer a number of different options for outdoor signage. One example  is Keyser’s reader board where businesses can take advantage of the large display screen to advertise new products, specials, store events, etc. Reader boards are most effective when strategically placed in areas with heavy foot traffic and then direct visitors to your storefront. Business centers, municipal centers, public transportation hubs, and roadways are all potential locations for this outdoor signage option. 

Make a Game Plan

Digital signage displays are incredible tools that can take a retailer’s messaging to the next level. But at the end of the day, that’s all they are: tools for you to use however you choose, and how you use them will determine the success of your business. Which is why it’s not exactly recommended to just go in guns blazing without a plan. High quality signage technology will set you up for success, but you have to take it from there. It’s important to develop a clear marketing strategy that works for your business and gets people through the door.

What to consider when developing a marketing strategy:

  • Understand your target customer base. Who are your customers? Where are they coming from and what motivates them to seek out your services or products. Understanding their needs will help you refine what language and imagery would appeal to them most.
  • Trust your own expertise. As a business owner, you know your store better than anyone else, so use your expertise and experience to determine your brand’s strengths and how best to showcase those strengths to consumers.
  • Use strategic digital content. Leverage digital signage content creation as a tool for reaching your target audience and use resources like Keyser’s design team to perfect your brand’s visual aesthetic.
  • Customizations. What features will best fit the needs of store visitors? Consider what signage customizations will make their visit better so you can provide a memorable customer experience.
  • Measure Results. Use a digital signage CMS program to measure the success of the messaging tactics you use, when they deliver best results, and what types of consumers they appeal to most. Continually refine your approach based on what you can learn from the data you collect.

Refine Your Messaging

The central component of any marketing plan is what consumers see first: the message that ends up on the sign. What information are you choosing to use to draw people in? Typically, you only have the span of a few seconds (the time it takes someone to glance at your sign) to hook potential customers. It’s important to use those few seconds wisely. How do you develop language and visuals that get consumers interested?

Consider the following questions while refining your messaging:

  • Are you displaying eye catching imagery? Digital displays should showcase the most visually appealing imagery of your brand.
  • Are you telling passersby the most valuable information upfront? Perhaps the key message is about a great deal or an exclusive product. Is there a sale or a new collection coming? 
  • Is your language concise? The limited time frame of shoppers giving your signage attention doesn’t leave room to mince words.
  • What is the main appeal of your product? Is it locally made or in high demand? Is it innovative and exclusive? The main selling point should be obvious in your messaging, you just have to find a creative and easily digestible way to communicate it.

Make A Lasting Impression

While attracting new visitors is important, not every customer has to be a new customer. Many businesses thrive off of loyal, regular customers who enjoy being long-term patrons of businesses. A customer base like this not only helps bring in reliable revenue, they’ll champion your services to others in their lives, bringing in new customers as a result. 

So don’t overlook the importance of what happens after a visitor walks through your door. Providing good service is one of the best ways to get repeat customers and continue the flow of people coming into your business. If your services or products make a good impression on the right person, you might just be building the foundations for many more future visits. Here are a few effectual ways you can impress shoppers on the first visit:

  • Provide a Self-Service Option – One way to provide excellent service is to give visitors options. Self-service kiosks in stores are a popular alternative for checkout or placing orders. If potential customers see that you accommodate different needs and let them choose their store experience, they’re more likely to make return visits, and to recommend your business to friends and family.
  • Utilize Digital Displays in Innovative Ways – Don’t be afraid to use your creative mind to come up with innovative ways to create a unique shopping experience. What in store experiences do you offer that nobody else does? Why not set up a photo booth with an Instagram worthy backdrop, display interactive content, or do a giveaway event. The possibilities are endless!
  • Offer a Loyalty Program – Loyalty or rewards programs are powerful motivations for people to keep returning to your store. Especially for the customers who already have the potential for repeat visits, they like to know that they’re getting something in return for their loyalty.

Harness the Power of the Internet

Earlier we talked about the rise in online shopping, digital marketing and how they cater to current consumer habits. But who says that your business can’t also use these tactics? Online marketing is accessible to anyone, whether you’re just dipping your toes in with a Facebook or LinkedIn company page, or going all out with a website and SEO strategy. You get to choose what avenues make sense for your business. Any online presence is better than none because it’s better to have somewhere consumers can find you on the Internet than none.

  • Build an online presence. Whether that presence is developed through a website, social media platform, or both, any online presence will boost the number of people who walk through your doors. It’s important to have someplace online where shoppers can go to get more information about your business. Think about how often you Google a store or restaurant before deciding to visit, and how an online presence legitimizes a business in your decision making process. If Internet searchers can find you online, they’ll feel more comfortable with visiting in person.
  • Email marketing. We live much of our lives in a digital world, which means that digital marketing in multiple forms is an effective way to reach customers. A monthly email blast is a tried and true conversion tactic to add to your overall strategy, and also pairs well with the aforementioned loyalty program.
  • Recruit local influencers. Influencers are known for taking opportunities to do sponsored posts, and they can be a great avenue for getting your store’s name out in the community. Many have a loyal local following who are eager to spend money at the same places their favorite influencers do, so this strategy is often a successful one that brings people to your physical store.
  • Use SEO strategies. You’d be surprised how much a basic search engine optimization (SEO) strategy can improve your local search results and increase your online visibility as a result. SEO is critical for the same reason that it’s important for your brick and mortar retail store to be in a location with foot traffic: so shoppers know you’re there. Having a website is one important step, but making it accessible to your target audience is the next step.

In addition to the direct benefits of online marketing, like driving in-store visits, digital marketing strategies don’t have to be a completely separate strategy from your digital signage content. In fact, the branding and messaging should all be consistent across both avenues. Signage content can also feed into your social media presence by using digital displays to promote your social pages so customers can follow you. 

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If you’re a business owner who is interested in leveraging digital signage as a strategy for how to attract customers into your store and boost retail sales, we’re here to help with the next steps. Let Keyser’s experience do the work for you and we’ll guide you through the digital signage implementation process. Contact us to discuss your next project.


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