Why Digital Window Displays are Worth the Investment

Why Digital Window Displays are Worth the Investment

Why Digital Window Displays are Worth the Investment

  • On June 4, 2021

Digital signage is gaining traction in many industries and especially becoming the norm for restaurants, retailers, and corporations. But we know that not every business is in the financial position to invest in elaborate digital signage installations like kiosks with touch screens, interactive displays, or video walls, especially after the hit that both small and large businesses took during restrictions from the Covid-19 pandemic. However, if you feel like a digital signage display is out of the price range for your business, you’re in luck. You can still reap the benefits of digital signage by smartly investing in digital window displays.

Digital window displays are a great cost-effective place to start for small businesses. In this post, we’ll be focusing on window displays for retail stores and restaurants, since these businesses tend to be the most advantageous use-case for in-window displays.

How digital window displays help you save money:

Unloading Inventory 

Every business has to deal with having a surplus of product that they need to get rid of. For example, maybe a restaurant that had a slow day now has an excess of food that could go bad. Or a retail store has leftover clothing at the end of season when they need to restock the store with new inventory. Your business invested funds in this inventory, so how do you get rid of these items fast without it becoming a waste and a huge financial loss?

Unloading that extra inventory is one of the biggest benefits we see with digital window displays. Promoting a sale or special with digital content in your shop window is the fastest way inform potential guests that you need to get rid of product. This method cuts down on wasted time because digital signage is accompanied by advanced content management systems that enable business owners to quickly change digital displays. You can even have a default design prepared in advance for this situation in order get promotions displayed even faster, which is useful for time-sensitive situations like soon to be expired food. The accessibility and ease of promoting sales when your business has a surplus of inventory ensures you make the most of the products you’ve invested in.

No More Printing Costs

Perhaps the most glaring difference between the use of static window signs vs. digital window displays is printing costs. Printing new signage can be expensive, especially when your business needs to update signage so frequently. If your business is a retail store, you might already be updating signage every season or when new inventory come in. Or if you’re a restaurant, maybe your getting new signage when you add new menu items.

Although it may not seem costly at the time, these expenses add up over time. In addition, you’re getting a much lower ROI with static signs than you would with a digital window display. Digital signage software and an advanced content management system allows your business to display targeted advertising in your storefront window to specific customer bases, regions, times of day, etc. in order to get the highest ROI from digital signage.

Drastically Reduce Labor Costs

The cost of printing is not the only expense that can be spared with investment in digital window displays. Labor costs for installing and uninstalling signage is often steep if your business needs to update window displays frequently, which many retail stores and restaurants typically do.

Installation occurs far less frequently if you’ve invested in a digital display since you only have to get a digital sign installed once and then it stays put for its lifetime. The idea is that it’s a long term investment, so there’s no longer a need to change and reprint new menu signage or retail signage, which means fewer installation costs. Every new update and customization is done through the CMS, and if you’re a business owner, you have total control what content is displayed. Instead of wasting money on the materials and labor that static signage requires, digital signage offers a more sustainable, long-term solution to impactful messaging.

Fully Realized Messaging on a Budget

A good tip for maximizing the benefits of a window display is to tack advantage of both sides of the sign. The street facing side is best utilized with an LED sign to display digital content like promotions, sales, and specials in order to easily target passersby. While the digital signage screen is attracting customers inside, the side facing indoors can have a static sign that perhaps promotes a customer favorite menu item that will be around fo the foreseeable future. This display option allows you to essentially take advantage of two signs in one

The Eye Catching Factor of Digital Window Displays

It’s undeniable that window displays have an attention-grabbing factor. Especially if you take full advantage of video content, moving graphics, and images, you’re very likely to get passersby interested in what you have to offer. In-window displays have high brightness display screens that are even eye-catching in  direct sunlight. Movement and high picture quality pulls people in so much more than static signage because the human brain processes images much faster than text. And living in a world of digital content only enhances this tendency. With all the screens in our lives, anything less than digital content isn’t going to cut it when trying to attract visitors to your business.


An Investment in the Future

Although digital window displays have a number of financial benefits that outperform traditional signage, investing in one isn’t all money saving advantages, all the time. Remember that it’s a long term investment that has an 18-month ROI to recap the initial spend, so be prepared to practice patience to reap the full benefits. With that said, you will reap immense benefits once that 18-month period is up, and you’ll sustain that high ROI for a long time. Digital window displays have a seven year lifetime display, so you’re investing in better marketing for your business for the next seven years. Long term financial benefits impact your business more than short-term marketing solutions that don’t offer dynamic messaging.

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