A Guide to Digital Signage for Casinos

A Guide to Digital Signage for Casinos

A Guide to Digital Signage for Casinos

  • On May 20, 2021

Digital signage technology may as well have been made for casinos. The sprawling hubs of recreation and entertainment see heavy daily foot traffic by people ready to have fun. And as a result, casinos are the ideal space for digital signage displays. The low lighting and open mindset of guests create an environment where digital signage for casinos can thrive. 

Use cases for digital signage in casinos

Casinos are businesses that lend themselves to nearly every type of digital signage technology, and we’re going to explain why. Let’s dive into a few of the screen options and use cases to clarify how you can make the most of a casino’s digital signage. 

Video Walls

Casino resorts have the advantage of large open spaces where customers spend extended periods of time, and it would be a waste not to fully utilize that space. Video walls are an effective way to display digital messaging to guests while they’re interacting on the casino floor. Since casinos are bustling centers of business, entertainment, and activity, guests might not be aware of the full scope of what a resort casino offers. LCD video walls are immediate attention getters that promote digital content to guests about games, upcoming events, and other activities. Without visible messaging, there’s a risk of guests isolating their activity to one area that they often frequent.

Aside from showing promotions, video walls provide more entertainment options for guests while they attend a casino. One way to do this is playing sports or other entertainment for visitors in real-time to enhance the experience. People attend casinos for fun and entertainment, so why not hit it out of the park by giving them more options in places like dining areas, gaming floors, and bar areas.


Don’t forget that the purpose of casino digital signage is not to shove constant advertisements in the faces of visitors; it’s important to maintain a balance between smart, targeted promotions and actually improving guests’ experiences at the casino. One way to do that is by displaying helpful information via wayfinding signage. There’s a lot of ground to cover in most casinos, and not every guest is going to know their way around, especially if they’re first time visitors. Utilizing digital wayfinding signage in casinos has an immensely positive impact on guest experience because it makes their life easier.


Interactive Displays

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about consumers as commercial signage technology has continued to develop, it’s that they love self-service. Let’s be honest, a lot of people prefer interacting with technology when they visit businesses, especially since the pandemic has changed how we act in public spaces. That might not be the same for every guest across the board, but it’s important to provide visitors with dynamic service options that cater to their preferences.

The advantage of Keyser’s kiosks is that they display content on an intuitive and easy to use touch screen interface. Kiosks are also shown to consistently reduce labor costs and successfully up-sell customers.

Why Digital Signage?

Sleek & Simple Design

Digital signage works so well for casinos because screen designs are minimalist and put the focus where it should be: on the digital content. The customization possibilities are nearly endless and businesses can create a unique brand aesthetic that is consistent across every screen in the building since the CMS allows staff to manage digital signage from one central location.


Engage with Guests in a Digital Environment

Going to a casino is a high-sensory experience. All manner of screens, games, and entertainment options are calling for guests’ attention, so traditional signage just won’t do. Research has found that the majority of people are more likely to engage with visual content (like videos and graphics) than text because our brain processes images so much faster. Not to mention, the low lighting common in casinos doesn’t give much room for anything other than digital displays. 

Deploy Smarter Messaging

Digital signage solutions consistently deliver favorable return on investments across multiple industries. Digital signage systems for casinos are ultimately cost-effective purchases because they take marketing and sales to the next level. The secret: targeted promotions. 

If you want to really take full advantage of digital signage software, you can deploy dynamic messaging that targets guests based on their location in the casino, what time of day it is, and what events are coming up. Marketing is not one size fits all, which is why digital signage CMS allows you to tailor digital content to specific consumer profiles. With targeted messaging, digital content reaches visitors who are more likely to be receptive to it. Instead of viewing unwanted advertisements, digital signage systems enable casinos to push helpful information and promotions that audiences are interested in. That’s why digital signage tends to drive rates of unplanned purchases, increase up-selling, and improve customer experience.

More than just signage

When a casino invests in digital signage, you’re getting more than just the sign. You have the full support of Keyser’s Installation Services, CMS Services, Design Services, and Maintenance Services. Experts are available through every step of the process to ensure that you’re using the full potential of digital signage technology.

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