Why Your District Should Invest in a Digital School Sign

Why Your District Should Invest in a Digital School Sign

Why Your District Should Invest in a Digital School Sign

  • On May 11, 2021

Every once in a while, school districts have the finances to update their campuses with new signage. If you’re someone who is tasked with making these decisions, we highly recommend upgrading to a digital school sign. A new school sign is so much more than just a superficial change, it’s an opportunity to become more connected to the student body. Appealing to both form and function, digital school signs benefit all members of your school’s community, including students, faculty, and parents.

Connect to Students

Let’s be honest, the space for information and creativity on a traditional changeable letter sign is limited. Compared with digital signage technology that exists today, there’s really no contest in terms of implementing eye-catching, full color content into a digital sign design. Considering who the typical viewers of school signage are, screen appeal should not be overlooked. 

Known as the digital native generation, Gen Z students have grown up with technology as a constant presence. Schools are finding new ways to communicate vital information to students and create messaging that Gen Z will be receptive to. Not every high schooler listens to the morning announcements or reads traditional signs and posters. So how do you make sure the student body stays informed on school activities, policies, and opportunities?

Our answer: digital school signs are the best option out there to amplify school-wide messaging. How you display digital content and what you choose to promote is up to you, but taking advantage of digital school signs is going to be an instant improvement from the minimal engagement seen with traditional signage.

Digital School Signs for High Schools

High schools often use digital school signs to display information about upcoming school events, clubs, holidays, standardized tests, new school policies, fundraisers, and more. The possibilities are endless, but digital content will always be a more efficient way to keep high schoolers in the loop. You might even decide to get creative and display weather warnings so students know to fish that old umbrella out of their locker before walking home on a rainy day.

Outdoor digital displays are useful for conveying messages you want to broadcast to the entire community. For example, parents are going to see the outdoor signs more frequently, so it’s a good way to keep them informed on things like upcoming parent teacher conferences or schedule changes.

Digital School Signs for Colleges 

Colleges and universities are a class of their own and have even more reason to implement electronic signs. The sheer size of the student body and sprawling landscape of college campuses call for more widespread messaging. The number of clubs, sports, performances, internship programs, and classes that need to be promoted in colleges far exceed that of any high school or elementary school. School spirit is also a big part of college life and digital school signs give more opportunity to promote sporting events, support student athletes, and boost school pride. 

Digital Menu Boards

Hallway signs and outdoor school signs are far from the only useful ways to utilize digital signage in schools. High schools and colleges have implemented digital menu boards in cafeterias and seen the benefits. After all, schools have to feed hundreds (if not thousands) of kids every day, so why not use state-of-the-art technology to make the process more efficient? Staff will enjoy the convenience of altering menu items day-to-day with Keyser’s easy to use Content Management System. Students will be able to make decisions faster and get through lines quicker, a useful advantage for schools with overcrowding issues. 

Save on Time & Cost

Digital school signs allow faculty to update school signage faster and be more cost-effective with their promotion. No more ordering new prints for signs, paying for the cost, and waiting for delivery. Instead, the Keyser CMS enables instant updates on an intuitive interface. For example, it gets a whole lot easier to promote special events like a football game or fundraiser when all it takes is a quick digital update. Since these events are constantly cycling throughout the school year, each event gets more exposure than they would with the limited resources of traditional signage.

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