Why your congregation needs a digital church sign

Why your congregation needs a digital church sign

Why your congregation needs a digital church sign

  • On May 4, 2021

Contrary to popular perception, digital signage is not just a tool for restaurants, retail stores, and big companies. In fact, there’s no reason for digital signs to be exclusively used by for-profit organizations, especially when they’re an ideal tool for churches to expand their messaging. Let’s dispel another myth right now: digital church signs are not just for high-budget megachurches either. In fact, many smaller churches make use of digital church signs and have experienced the benefits for themselves.

If you’ve thought about getting a new sign for your church, don’t just go with the same old changeable letter church signs. Upholding traditions can go hand-in-hand with upgrading your church’s signage. Let us explain to you how that’s possible. Whether you’re a Catholic, Lutheran or Baptist Church, Christian or non-Christian place of worship, you’ll want to stick around for this.

The Advantage of Visuals

If you’re accustomed to the traditional changeable letter church signs that have been prominent for decades, it might be difficult to see the advantage of adopting new technology. However, there are some real statistical advantages to making the switch to digital displays. 

Research shows that the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, which means that engagement from passersby is much higher with visual content. We’re not saying you have to be graphic design experts or scholars of cinematography to display visual content that will get the attention of your community. But you have a lot more versatility with visual display options than you ever will with a traditional church sign.

Ease of Use

We know what you’re probably thinking. What could possibly be easier to use than the tried and true changeable letter church sign? After all, you don’t have to worry about technical issues. In fact, ease of use is one of the biggest reasons churches tend to stick with their old signs. Why adapt to new technology when you could just stick with static signs? Our answer is: in this case, the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” sentiment is flawed. Especially since most church organizers don’t know how easy it actually is to use a digital church sign, you’re only letting the fear of the unknown limit your church’s messaging potential.

If you’re worried about the technical side of learning how to operate a digital sign, there’s nothing to fear. The CMS is extremely user-friendly and you don’t have to be a tech wiz to become an expert. Installation Services do the setup and Maintenance Services are always there to provide quick fixes to technical issues.

As far as pricing goes, a digital church sign is an investment, but you’re paying for the services that help you maintain it and use it to its full potential.

Improve Outreach Efforts

In the last few decades, we’ve been living through a time of swift technological advancement. Existing in a digital age means that businesses are constantly competing for people’s attention using digital screens. It’s harder to get people to look up and see your message, especially if you’re trying to convey it with a traditional static sign.

It’s also been increasingly harder for churches to get people through the doors in recent years. That may or may not be the case with your church, but outreach efforts are still typically an important part of a church’s relationship to their surrounding community. If your goal is to see some growth in your congregation, bringing in state-of-the-art signage technology can be an impressive feature to potential new members. Your trusty church sign may have dutifully served its purpose for years, but at this point, it’s fading into the background of your audience’s visual scope. To get people to look up, you have to keep up with the competition.

Digital signage is an effective form of messaging that attracts more new members and can be a major attention-getter. Especially if you want to attract younger families, we recommend investing in the highest quality digital sign. There are plenty of young families who want to feel like they’re attending a church that cares about evolving and improving throughout the years, and digital signage can be the first signifier to families that you’re not staying stagnant. It also shows people searching for a new church that you have a lot to offer and that there’s something special going on at your church.

Think about it, your sign might be the first contact that potential new members have with your church, and might be what gets them in the door on Sunday morning. 

Customization Sets You Apart

It’s undeniable that traditional changeable letter church signs have limited space and limited opportunity for customization, but digital church signs don’t have the same physical limitations. Display a broader scope of messaging by rotating multiple messages and visuals throughout the day. For example, schedule messages that display service times, upcoming events, fundraising efforts, bible study meetings, Sunday school times, social media handles, etc.

Keyser’s CMS offers so many more customizations than traditional signage and helps you create versatile digital displays. Getting creative with quotes, graphics, messaging, on church signs enables you to develop a sign design that distinguishes you from other churches in your community. Think about the message your church has to offer and how you’re conveying it to community members. The expanded customization that Keyser’s CMS brings to church signs opens the doors to designs and messaging that weren’t possible with the standard church sign.

Go Digital Without Sacrificing Tradition

Who says upgrading your church sign is breaking with tradition? Just because you’re considering going with a digital church sign does not mean you have to abandon what’s special about them in the first place. You know what we’re talking about: the age-old practice of church signs that display a silly pun, an inspirational aphorism, or scripture quote. Maybe your church simply displays the date and times of services, but no matter what the words are, they tend to invoke nostalgia for any churchgoer.

That nostalgia and the sense of community make it hard for church organizers to let go of outdated signage. But upgrading to digital doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the tradition factor, it can actually expand it. It’s easy to bring the charm and quirkiness of traditional church signs into a modern platform with a digital church sign. 

Even though the format of the changeable letter church signs are simple, they require some creativity. However, digital church signs simply offer far more room for creativity and nuanced messaging in your displays. You may not even realize the extent of your creative potential until the tools to expand are handed to you, and that’s exactly what Keyser’s digital signage offers; a toolbox to create your best signage displays. You might just make someone smile when they drive by your church.

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