19 Reasons Digital Signage Systems Outperform Traditional Signage

19 Reasons Digital Signage Systems Outperform Traditional Signage

19 Reasons Digital Signage Systems Outperform Traditional Signage

  • On April 6, 2021

The use of digital signage systems has been consistently growing as more businesses become privy to the benefits of digital displays. But if you’re hesitant to take the leap and invest in digital signage, we want to help you make your decision based on facts and not just a leap of faith or because digital signs are trendy. Breaking away from traditional signage might be a scary shift, but it’s a shift that has exponential benefits for the businesses that employ them.

1. Long-term usage

Digital signs are long-term investments that will still be relevant tools as your business changes and grows. You’ll likely get to a place where the branding needs to be updated or menu items are changed, and having a digital sign will be instrumental in making that happen. When you want the sign changed, simply update the message instead of buying a whole new static sign when you want anything displayed differently.

2. Visual Appeal


Traditional signs have served their purpose for years, but they’re also a dime a dozen, and passersby have learned to ignore them. In the digital age, when our senses are routinely stimulated by engaging visuals, traditional signage is not enough anymore. It’s undeniable that our eyes are drawn not only to a screen, but also to movement. The movement of video content and motion graphics on digital signage engages customers and produces better marketing results than traditional signs. Simply put, digital signage is more eye-catching than traditional signs and provides more visibility for your business.

If you’re aiming to improve your business’s marketing strategy, it’s important to come to terms with the merits of visual content over text. If you don’t, you are holding your business back. The ability to leverage images, HD videos, and graphics is a huge marketing advantage of digital signage systems. People are more likely to pay attention to a video than read the words on a sign because our brains process visual content faster and find it more engaging, which is why digital signage has such high rates of success.

3. Higher rates of customer satisfaction

Digital signage systems may not be an obvious factor in impacting customer satisfaction, but the numbers don’t lie, especially in the case of digital menu boards for restaurants. “74% of customers in restaurants say an effective menu display is their top priority.”

When a customer walks into your restaurant, they want ease and convenience. Their priority is to view a clear-cut, accessible menu, and a battered, faded old menu board with outdated information is going to make that more difficult.

Customers also want to feel like they’re being served in a timely manner. If you have a business where customers typically wait in line for your services, their perceived wait time actually goes down if digital displays show entertainment media. We believe this can be attributed to the age-old, “time flies when you’re having fun” idea. Waiting in line with something to focus on curates a more enjoyable experience for customers. They feel like they’re being served faster, while you’re actually working at the same rate as you normally would.

4. Interactive Content & Self-Service


Signs with interactivity provide more opportunities for engagement with customers. Think of the interactive services that are offered through kiosks and wayfinding signs that have touchscreen functionalities. For example, Keyser’s kiosks are used by restaurants to offer customers the option to place their own orders. It runs on an intuitive, user-friendly interface and presents engaging content to customers.

Customers also tend to prefer self-check-in/check-out experiences with kiosks, which is undeniably something that traditional signage cannot offer customers. Even if you’d rather have your customers interact directly with employees, having the option for those who don’t increases customer satisfaction for a broader spectrum of individuals.

5. Customizable

Digital signage solutions offer more customization for businesses. Because Keyser’s design services and content management offer so many options that are scalable to your business needs, digital signs achieve more complete customization than any traditional sign ever could. These services allow your business to customize everything from design aesthetics and layout templates to playlists, scheduling content, social media promotions, and reporting on marketing data.

6. Targeted messaging

Digital signage systems open your business up to a whole new world of targeted messaging. Targeted messaging isn’t just about showcasing special deals, promotions, or menu items. Targeting audiences is well within reach of digital signs. You have the options to curate content based on a store location, the time of day, and who comes into the store at those times, as well as real-time targeted messaging when customers are placing orders.

Investing in digital signage also means you can create targeted messaging that creates a consistent brand identity and connectivity across platforms, displays, and locations. Regulating a distinct visual aesthetic and consistent messaging helps your target audience remember who you are and what your business is all about.

7. Built to last

You can depend on the long-term durability of digital signage. Static signs wear down and have to be replaced more often than digital signs, but the technology and craftsmanship of digital signs have been making strides. Keyser’s outdoor LCD displays are built to hold up under any type of harsh weather, both physically and performance-wise, unlike their traditional counterparts.

8. Cost-effective

Although pricing for digital signage systems can be higher than static signs, you’re ultimately saving money because you won’t have to replace digital signs as often as traditional ones. The higher revenues earned by amping up your marketing is another huge factor in what makes digital signage a cost-effective investment.

9. Time-saving

If you currently use traditional static signs for your businesses, think about how much time is used to update or replace signs. Figuring out the logistics of a whole new sign can be a hassle, and might even cause you to procrastinate on the task. Digital signage systems avoid this issue because they can be updated with new information instantly, meaning there’s no waiting for a new sign to be delivered, allowing you to redirect that time to focus on other critical business tasks.

Digital signs also help businesses operate faster, especially restaurants that have digital menu boards. Customers make faster decisions about what to order when there’s a visible, comprehensive, informative menu board in the restaurant. When customers make faster buying decisions, your business can serve more people in a shorter amount of time.

10. Advanced digital signage software

Digital Display Content Management System | Services | Keyser - Digital Signage Solutions

A content management system is a software that allows you to organize and manage digital displays and can be run from your computer, phone, or tablet. Keyser’s CMS solutions simplify device management and make it easy to create and update digital content on an easy-to-use platform. Access to this software gives business owners more agency and control over digital signage content.

11. Easy maintenance

Once you invest in digital signage, you are not alone in keeping up with maintenance. Keyser’s digital product maintenance services simplify the task of maintenance by providing swift support. Keyser’s technicians are always here to service any digital product that isn’t functioning properly because we understand that keeping your business’s daily operations up and running is non-negotiable.

12. Multipurpose

Unlike traditional signage, digital signs have a dynamic set of multimedia display options. For example, digital signs in a retail store or a restaurant digital menu board can utilize media player features to display live TV for a more entertaining experience for customers. A menu board can also be used for anything from showing a customer’s order to promoting new items.

You have extensive flexibility with digital signage software, and finding out which features are best suited to your business is an advantage you simply don’t get with static signs.

13. Advancements in the Digital Signage Industry

Digital signage platforms are always evolving and becoming better for businesses. Traditional signage will pretty much stay the same forever other than aesthetic changes. There’s not much more you can do with just a static sign, other than redesigning it to be more durable or colorful.  If you invest in a digital sign, you’ll reap the benefits of future advancements in content management systems and signage software solutions.

14. Content in real-time


Digital menu boards make it possible to display content in real-time for customers. You can set the menu to change based on the time of day if you offer different menus for lunch and dinner. Menu boards can also display a customer’s order, daily specials, or update items based on kitchen inventory. If you’ve run out of an ingredient for a popular menu item, you can present that information on a digital signage display so customers stay in the loop.

15. Sales

Sales is another area that is positively influenced by digital displays, especially in retail stores. Digital signs increase rates of unplanned purchases in stores because shoppers tend to change their minds about buying products based on what they see displayed on digital signs. For example, when window shoppers are browsing in a retail store and see a digital screen advertising that an item of clothing they like is on sale, they’re more likely to take a leap and make an unplanned purchase.

Digital signs also tend to produce successful rates of upselling to restaurant customers. The ability to remotely and easily update digital signs allows businesses to display new promotions and specials in a way that is eye-catching to customers.

16. Millennial Appeal


Digital advertising appeals more to millennials than to their baby boomer counterparts. This matters because millennials are currently the generation with the most buying power and consistently say that digital ads influence whether they decide to buy a product. That’s not exclusive to just online ads, in fact, in-person digital ads impact millennial buying decisions too.

Although you might not expect it, millennials and Gen Z are actually more likely to go to brick-and-mortar locations than baby boomers and Gen X. Investing in the signage that appeals to younger generations will get your business on the right track for the long-term power they’ll have as consumers.

17. Meeting FDA requirements

The rules and regulations of menu labeling for restaurants is something that is consistently updated, and it’s harder to comply with those regulations if you have to replace or physically alter a menu board every time a rule changes. With the content management systems of digital displays, updating menu boards to meet these requirements is cheaper and faster than it would be for traditional signage.

18. Compete at a higher level

It’s inevitable that more businesses are implementing digital signage systems, and part of keeping up with the competition is not falling behind in advertising strategies. Whether you’re a retailer, restaurant, or other business, having a digital sign shows that you’re a modern business that’s ready to compete in the same league as other successful businesses in your industry. It also gives you an edge over businesses that have not yet implemented digital signage.

19. Collect and use data

Since the growth of digital signage solutions, more businesses have been able to collect and leverage data to develop smarter marketing strategies. For example, digital menu boards or retail displays can be programmed to market menu items to people based on region, time of day, etc.

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