What to Expect with Digital Sign Installation

What to Expect with Digital Sign Installation

What to Expect with Digital Sign Installation

  • On March 17, 2021

For nearly 60 years now, Keyser Industries has provided full turnkey solutions for our signage customers, no matter how big or how small the project. Whether it’s the hardware, software, maintenance, or project management, one critical component of a signage turnkey solution is ensuring a flawless digital sign installation.

Digital signage is used almost everywhere – restaurants, hospitality, healthcare, retail stores, transportation, corporate, sporting events, gaming, etc. Let our team provide you with a signage solution that’s easy to design and even easier to manage. The content showcased is often digital images such as video, marketing and promotion information, outdoor advertising, wayfinding or directories, and streaming social media. From small to large implementations, digital signage solutions can check every box and fulfill all of your needs.

Our expertise was not learned overnight but with over 200,000 installations completed since our inception, and a vast nationwide network of installers, Keyser will make sure your signage will meet all of your requirements. We are a team of professionals that are in charge of simply placing, installing, and removing all necessary signs that are built. In addition, Keyser’s installers and technicians can repair and modify existing signs in the field. Remaining agile in our approach, we have the confidence and knowledge to install any indoor or outdoor sign successfully.

Digital Sign Installation Checklist

  • Full-service, turn-key project management
  • Scalability from single installs to 5,000+ site rollouts
  • Nationwide network of qualified contractors, installers, and technicians
  • Communication with key stakeholders and licensees/site contacts
  • Site survey to determine needs and/or to verify site readiness
  • Permitting and variance management
  • Equipment ordering, kitting, and logistics
  • Scheduling
  • Site prep work – construction, electrical, cabling
  • Contingency plan, plus efficient management of unforeseen issues
  • Equipment installation, testing, provisioning, and close-out
  • Audit process management to ensure consistent quality
  • Fast response to resolving follow-up issues

A smooth digital signage installation process

Within digital sign installation, common challenges can arise such as improper planning and design, equipment spec, placement of signs, configuring the software, communication, maintenance, overall program goals, etc.  However, to make it easier for all parties, Keyser’s team-oriented project management specialists provide the due diligence and transparency needed every step of the way.

Additionally, our ability to successfully make our customers happy and flawlessly execute our signage deployments come down to 3 keys factors:

  1. Experience.  Successful completion of your digital project requires an in-depth understanding of the scope and your business. With 60 years of integration experience and a nationwide network of resources, Keyser can take on a wide range of digital sign installation deployments across multiple industries.
  2. Scalability.  As a single source for every aspect of the installation process, Keyser is capable of coordinating small or large-scale projects from the beginning to ensure a comprehensive project plan.  We communicate along the way to keep things running as smoothly as possible.
  3. Satisfaction.  Keyser’s project management team ensures your technology is installed consistently and efficiently, is fully functional, and is provisioned according to your requirements. We work with your schedule, ensuring the least downtime for your business.

Prior to your digital sign installation

In order to begin your digital signage project, a few questions need answering. How many digital displays do you need? What will you use for content? What is the ballpark budget?

All these questions are critical in determining the best type of technology and Keyser’s approach for your custom application. From single-screen displays to video walls to outdoor digital menu boards and kiosks, Keyser provides the expertise you need to evaluate, design, assemble and install your dream digital signage display. Determining the best digital signage software to use, including external or embedded media players and content management solutions, are critical decisions that need to be made throughout this process. Keyser will hold your hand every step of the way and guide you to a solution that is most promising. An eye-catching, bold digital sign can increase your sales almost immediately and will make it easy for you to manage and modify yourself.

Digital signage solutions come in many different forms and variations. There are many robust decisions to be made regarding the specific types of hardware and software to utilize, as well as the proper installation to meet your specific requirements. Keyser can provide a seamless and easy turnkey digital signage system that will meet your needs, with a focus on simple operation, communication, and updating. Where do you start? Which type of hardware will you use? What type of software would be the best application for your requirements? What about connectivity, installation, content? Keyser will assist you to design and develop the perfect digital signage solution for any environment.

Contact us today for a free consultation

Keyser has installed and maintained signs of all types and variations in a number of different field applications. We remain agnostic in our approach since our inception and will continue making our customers happy and be there for them every step of the way.

Let Keyser showcase our experience for you! Contact us to discuss your next project!


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