How Covid is Impacting Digital Signage Trends (2021)

How Covid is Impacting Digital Signage Trends (2021)

How Covid is Impacting Digital Signage Trends (2021)

  • On March 30, 2021

2020 was a crazy and unknown year for everyone, even the digital signage industry. There were many changes that were put in place from learning to social distance, to contactless deliveries. Most of these changes are still in place in 2021 and things are starting to look better for the digital signage industry as we adapt.  With the trends we have seen in 2020, we now look at some of the growing trends for digital signage in 2021, including touchless interactivity, temperature screening, digital communication and so much more!

The digital signage market is at an exciting point in its evolution – it has grown rapidly in the last few years as digital displays have b

ecome more affordable. Businesses have embarked on digital transformation strategies to combine offline and online experiences. Every industry is now working diligently to get back to normal or as “normal” as things can get and digital signage software and technologies are going to play a major role in the reopening.

There is a vast variety of digital signage solutions and content management systems that will make the reopening safe and seamless. Many digital sign companies like ourselves are providing critical messaging solutions for life-sustaining businesses including health care facilities, restaurants, retailers, grocery stores, schools with digital screens. The importance of signage that provides directions, information, news, and other visual communications is more imperative than ever, and sign companies need to stay open to meet these critical and evolving needs.

Wayfinding amidst a Pandemic

Feeling lost literally or figuratively? Interactive wayfinding stations to help direct visitors, patients, and families to their intended destination. This not only enhances social distancing but eliminates human interaction.

Digital signage technology is used to broadcast eye-catching safety measures and public health guidelines via infotainment content. The technology needed to help you build a better and safer customer experience exists.

Ease the stress within the growing trend of digital wayfinding kiosks by having touchless hand sanitizing stations within the self-service kiosk itself.

All of the above can be addressed within these evolving technical applications. Keep your customers better informed with real-time news, traffic or weather updates, promotion of your small, medium or large retail businesses, and provide your visitors with the most important updates involving your brand with one full turnkey solution!


How do I remain connected with my customers?

On the other hand, for some of the businesses that had to stay closed during the pandemic like retail stores and many other businesses, digital communication was a huge outlet for the majority of these companies in order to stay in touch with their customers. This still stands true as some businesses made the hard decision to stay remote for the foreseeable future. Digital billboards give these companies a way to advertise products from their online stores and give their customers a way to stay in contact with them as well.

Digital signage solutions are truly perfect when it comes to engaging target audiences and creating overall better quality experiences. Whether your goal is to increase your sales, educating the customers, or helping people safely navigate through a large building or shopping mall, digital signage creates a more personalized experience by allowing visitors to interact directly with the signage technology. Visitors can explore many options and navigate freely at their own pace. This personalized digital experience makes for a more lasting experience.

Interactive touchscreens are an exceptional addition to any display and can also include social media feeds, live sports games, and many other forms of interactive and brand awareness content.

Digital signage technology was also a winner during the pandemic. A good example of this is a large grocery chain that is able to deploy its weekly coupons in a digital format using QR codes displayed on their digital signage applications.  In the restaurant industry, they are relying heavily on delivery, carry-out, and curbside pickup, so online food ordering software for mobile devices has become increasingly popular. This software makes food ordering and delivery quick and easy.

facial recognition digital display

Digital Signage Trends Outside of the Box

There is a new journey in every aspect of life including the workplace, campus life, and public locations. This gives many opportunities to incorporate new digital signage and different communication tools. There are already smart signage solutions that use precision artificial intelligence systems to track the flow of people. Depending on the number counted by the player, various messages can be displayed onscreen at an entrance such as “Please wait, the store is at max capacity” or” Please come in”.

There are also advanced algorithms to calculate heat signatures and recognize abnormal temperatures to detect if a person may have a fever. Both of these technologies play a huge role in keeping many places safe!

On top of those two technologies, something a little more simple is strategically placing digital signage displays to keep people prepared, informed, and reminded. For example, having the three W’s: wash your hands, watch your distance, and wear a mask, displayed on a screen to set a reminder to people.

Touchless Command Solutions

It might be a bit frightening to comprehend at first, but many of the digital technologies implemented due to the Covid-19 pandemic are foreseen to become a permanent feature of our everyday lives. With the technology’s continuous advancement throughout the pandemic, it also poses new challenges, like the touchless command solutions which are a huge growing trend.

Some of these new technologies are similar to the typical interactive kiosk but instead, they are voice-controlled or gesture-controlled. These are straightforward enough for users to interact with and all they have to do is ask for whatever information they need rather than touching the screen. Touchless command solutions, much like digital menus, offer a safe but easy way to access different information. Many businesses are set to transition to these new technologies not only because of Covid but also personal hygiene, in general, moving forward.

The future is truly uncertain, but consumers have clear expectations on how to feel safe whether it’s shopping, browsing, or going about their daily routines. To ensure businesses will make it through these difficult times and one day get back on the right track to a new normal, it is critical to fulfill any and all expectations of our customers in order to help them feel safe.


Keyser: Delivering More than Digital Signage Trends

Digital signage systems, and their trends, go beyond your typical video wall or kiosk. Covid or not – digital signage is an effective solution that makes a big impact. Communication is more important now than ever before and digital signage is going to be there as a key outlet to help.

The Keyser team is eager to offer our support and vast years of expertise to any customer, business or supporter trying to improve their digital roles. We are navigating our lives through a uniquely challenging time and want to offer an easy-to-use and affordable remedy, not just to our customers, but to anyone who wants to provide a safe alternative solution to continue to engage their customers. Explore Keyser as we continue evolving in this new normal!



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