Keyser’s 55-Inch Outdoor LCD Display

Keyser’s 55-Inch Outdoor LCD Display

Keyser’s 55-Inch Outdoor LCD Display

  • On June 3, 2020
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The below article was originally published by Digital Signage Connection on May 29, 2020

Keyser Industries, Inc. is proud to report that their patented application, the Keyser FLEX Outdoor Digital Display System. This display now showcases a brand new FAN-LESS 55” High Bright LCD Outdoor Display. Keyser’s full-turnkey display is the most cost-efficient IP67 application that allows all customers growing into digital, to never grow out of it while also enhancing the overall customer experience in the digital future.

Keyser’s 3000Nit LCD display with an Android 8.1 Operating System, is specialized for high commercial performance and its high bright output remains polarized in any climate while also combating unwanted glare thanks to its high-impact anti-reflective coating. Our weather tight, anti-reflective safety glass features a pristine optically bonded seal, built to withstand the harshest weather conditions, prevents moisture, dirt and debris from deeply impacting the displays’ performance while still maintaining a stunning HD image in direct sunlight!
keyser digital display

Keyser’s LCD displays are the greatest compliment to any digital restaurant drive-thru system because it improves the customer’s order accuracy, decreases wait time, amplifies sales and minimizes the worry that comes with your business investing in digital due to Keyser’s cost-competitive pricing. Wifi and Bluetooth is also built-in the submersible outdoor display.

As always, Keyser’s display systems are made in the USA. “Your display needs should be served by the innovator not an imitator.”

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